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Equities logo Q&A: Nathaniel Bradley, CEO of Datavault

Datavault provides an innovative platform that enables companies to monetize and value consumer data in a transparent way. contributor Silvia Davi interviewed Nathaniel Bradley, a veteran tech, data, and business executive as well as a serial entrepreneur and inventor about his latest venture, Datavault.

1. What is the Datavault?

Datavault is a B2B fin-tech start-up focused on identifying, refining, valuing and potentially trading data, thus empowering businesses with the ability to monetize their derivative data while adding additional structure, analysis and revenue streams. We can aid in the management of their unstructured and structured data resources through the use of our patented Datavault.

2. How does Datavault help?

Our systems will enable the following:

  • Data Refinery – Our data refinery organizes unstructured data into data structured objects automatically from any data source
  • DatavaultTM – Our patented Datavault uses data visualization and management systems to optimize data and maximize value.
  • Data ValueTM – Our valuation engine provides a view of data’s value and the value of data combinations.
  • DVT Data Exchange – Our exchange enables the buying and selling of data and provides for monetization of data through a proprietary market.

3. Why is it difficult to gather and standardize data today?

Companies manage data in their core businesses and also produce derivatives of that data, and one of the most difficult things to do is value and make it useful.

4. Is there anything like the Datavault around?


5. How does Data Value establish a valuation for my data?

Our Data Value system provides a valuation engine that establishes a value for the data you collect based on worldwide established rates and real-time market exchange values. When proprietary data is introduced, refined and marketed, the owner of the data sets the price. As data transact on the exchange, the value is established through market activity.

6. Do I need to turn over company data for its use in Datavault?

No, our systems create a secure data refinery where data is analyzed and processed. Our refinery consists of software systems that are customized to your own network, hosting and security. All data is refined into secure data objects that are stored, controlled and managed by you.

7. How does the encrypted token work to enable the sale of data on the exchange?

Datavault uses a tokenization process that carries a valuation, metadata about data objects and an encrypted key that is used to access the data objects associated with each token.

8. How does my company list data for sale on the Data Exchange?

Any authorized token can be assigned a Data Exchange ticker, a unique symbol with 1-4 characters that is uplisted to our patented exchange platform. Data objects from the refinery are tokenized then uplisted to the exchange. Upon sale the tokens are delivered to the purchaser off the exchange.

9. What other emerging technologies are you most interested in right now?

My interests include the advancement and impact that artificial intelligence technology will have on all aspects of our economy especially within media, healthcare, environment and space exploration. I believe strongly that the key to improving the quality of life and addressing poverty on a global basis will rely on the adoption and the proliferation of quantum computing systems that will be designed to identify and enable the replacement of human error, waste, bias and rampant inefficiencies. It’s the innovations of humans vs. the problems in the world in an all-out battle for our survival and ultimate advancement. My interest is in understanding the solutions and what organizations, technologies and leaders will bring them to fruition.

10. Given your experience, what advice would you give to aspiring tech entrepreneurs?

Accept and understand that strategic vision and meticulous detailed execution planning are the most important components of your business. Your company mission and plan must be under constant scrutiny and management. You must adjust quickly and recognize failure before it consumes your company. Humbly accept criticism and advice but accept no compromising or variant of your strategic vision and plan. Enable teams to execute on your vision and plan while holding them accountable and striving for constant improvement towards and well defined perfection.

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