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Enertopia Corporation (ENRT):In Final Phase of Agreement with Genesis Water Tech

The hunt is on for Lithium and many automakers are doling out big money to stake claims on lithium producers and strike deals. The new “white petroleum”, has battery producers scrambling.

Enertopia Corporation (ENRT) this morning announced the final phase of an agreement with Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. that could lower costs and reduce the environmental impact of Lithium processing. In addition, the deal would speed up the permit procedure and lower the cost of extraction significantly. Most importantly, in a world growing more and more conscious of how the environment is affected by our industrial activities, Enertopia’s mining and extraction would be in lock-step with other Green companies like Tesla (TSLA) and Apple (AAPL).

Enertopia’s deal with GWT has some very strong selling points. First, the full-scale production plant could be in production in months and not years compared to larger current used production plants. Per information gleaned in the press release, the pilot plant would be processing Lithium brine at 50 gallons per minute. The company will start production after successful bench testing.

However, this plant could be a game-changer in a market that is starting to explode. Industry experts are calling for $4,500 to $5,500 per ton long term pricing on Lithium. Currently due to rising lithium demand pricing has risen to over $20,000 per ton in China. Enertopia’s plant could be tagged as “environmental” rather than conventional and receive permits much faster, as mentioned above. Plus, the plant would sit on a few acres of land versus a massive swathe of acres, which would greatly diminish harm to the environment.

Furthermore, the deal with GWT, as part of technical study, could lower the cost of extraction to under $1,800 per ton of Lithium. That dollar amount is at the lower quartile of production costs in the lithium industry. This is obviously a very significant move and Enertopia was thrilled about the potential, President and CEO Robert McAllister seconded that in the company press release: “Enertopia is excited about concluding the Definitive Agreement and moving into its next step with bench testing the patent pending Lithium recovery technology. Enertopia looks forward to providing additional updates as milestones are met and corporate developments unfold. Modern technology is revolutionizing and providing a better way to mine that protects our environment. We are enthusiastic in becoming leaders in this evolution.”

The hunt is on for Lithium and many automakers are doling out big money to stake claims on lithium producers and strike deals. The new “white petroleum”, as it is being called, has battery producers scrambling. Not to mention, the Lithium needed to supply consumer electronics. With the news today, Enertopia is well positioned to make inroads into a booming market.

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