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Business and IT leaders across industries are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to service and delight customers.

Succeeding in this environment requires:

  • A customer-centric view that focuses on the customer experience through the full engagement cycle
  • A distributed manufacturing process that leverages technologies such as automation, 3D printing, and robotics to address the ‘ segment of one
  • A networked economy of assets, manufacturing, logistics, partners, and, of course, people
  • A recognition of urbanisation as a reality that requires smarter cities, smarter infrastructures, and smarter usage of natural resources

For organisations to achieve these goals, they must embrace the latest technologies to identify new business processes and innovate new business models.

The massive number of connected things and the explosion of data generated by connected Internet of Things-enabled devices will change the way we create these new business models.

With the emergence of smart products, assets, and always-on things, we now have access to unparalleled amounts of information. This – along with the evolution of connectivity, big data management, analytics, and cloud technology – is enabling us to converge these operational and information technologies to make machines smarter and drive end-to-end digital transformation.

The journey a company takes to get from ‘things’ to ‘outcomes’ is becoming a chief catalyst for digitalisation.

What is SAP Leonardo?

The SAP Leonardo portfolio empowers live business by connecting the emerging world of intelligent devices with people and processes to achieve tangible business outcomes.

The solutions enable companies to not only realise the digital transformation of existing end-to-end business processes but also evolve new business models to run digitally and create new work environments.

SAP Leonardo combines adaptive applications, big data management, and connectivity in packaged solutions across lines of business and industry use cases, ranging from connected products, assets, and infrastructures to vehicle fleets, markets, and people, for example:

  • Connected products enable end-to-end visibility into product-centric operations and offers the ability to optimise compliance visibility and service availability.
  • Connected assets link production systems and assets with manufacturing and maintenance business processes to reduce operational and maintenance costs and increase asset up-time.
  • Connected fleets track, monitor, analyse, and maintain all moving assets, wherever they are in the network.
  • Connected infrastructures deliver new forms of digital operational intelligence to transform physical-infrastructure systems to improve service, drive economic growth, and allow for more efficient and cost-effective operations, infrastructure compliance, and risk mitigation.
  • Connected markets foster local markets, cities, and urban and rural areas to optimise the utilisation of natural resources and assets; reduce emissions, congestion, and energy usage; and improve the environment.
  • Connected people enables improved lives, work, and health by linking people and communities and providing better lifestyle experiences and opportunities for organisations to evolve into new business models.
  • SAP Leonardo Bridge combines real-time information from connected things with business processes to turn extended supply chains into live supply chain environments.

These end-to-end solutions are built on a technology foundation that enables SAP, our customers, and our partners to build Internet of Things solutions of a consistent framework:

  • SAP Cloud Platform is the key strategic platform-as-a-service infrastructure that provides the framework for SAP Leonardo. Additionally, SAP Cloud Platform provides end-to-end micro services for machine learning, analytics, big data, security, user experience, user management, and back-end integration application program interfaces.
  • SAP Leonardo includes best-of-breed business services that enable users to rapidly build Internet of Things applications, allowing them to develop digital twins, create reusable application services, and apply predictive algorithms. These core technical services offer opportunities for users to process a high velocity of data, with the ability to stream analytics and run predictive scenarios. This is all delivered on the next-generation SAP Cloud Platform, which is connected to millions of devices.
  • SAP Leonardo for edge computing ingests data regardless of connectivity, latency, or device protocol concerns, all while delivering intelligent edge applications.
Introducing the SAP kickstart

SAP Leonardo will create massive business value by connecting things to interact directly with business processes. As a result, business processes will become transparent, real time, and proactive, enabling people to operate and manage on a new level with augmented intelligence and autonomous systems.

To help customers realise this opportunity, SAP will introduce SAP Leonardo labs around the globe. Here, customers can collaborate with SAP development and consulting experts to start their innovation journeys based on the SAP Leonardo innovation portfolio. SAP Leonardo labs will open in Palo Alto (USA), Shanghai (China), São Leopoldo (Brazil), Johannesburg (South Africa), as well as Berlin and Munich (Germany).

Within the SAP Leonardo labs, SAP will also introduce the SAP Leonardo Kickstarter Program, a pre-packaged, consultative offering to help customers prioritise innovation opportunities and deliver competitive advantage with an Internet of Things-enabled digital transformation.

Hans Thalbauer is senior vice president for extended supply chain and IoT, at SAP

To learn more follow, @SAP_IoT

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