Eguana Tech: Clean Tech Company’s Disrupting the Grid Across the Globe

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Clean Tech Company’s Disrupting the Grid Across the Globe

Tesla’s Powerwall does not come with an inverter, or power management system, which makes Eguana’s products the perfect match

sinesses, governments, and homes decide to go with a greener source for its energy, whatever the reasons, it requires a number of technical components. Solar, in particular, is becoming increasingly popular as it can be installed on virtually any building. To get the economic benefits of hooking up to a solar panel requires electricity to either be sold back to the grid, or stored for use at peak demand. To do this a power management and control system is required.

This is exactly what Canada’s Eguana Technologies Inc. (TSXV: EGT) does. Eguana’s products, including its Bi-Direct power control and conversion system, takes the electricity created from solar, which is direct current, and converts it into alternating current so that it can be used on household items. The Bi-Direx can also manage where the energy is sent to, either back to the grid, a storage battery or to power that Wi-Fi router. Eguana Technologies has a 3-year contract with E-gear LLC, a provider of solar technologies in Hawaii to supply it with Eguana’s Bi-Direct power control and conversion systems, and Germany’s leading solar solution provider has recognized them as the ideal power control provider for their systems.

Hawaii’s energy situation requires all fossil fuels and fuel for power generation to be imported via ships over a large distance. This has created a high-priced market place for fuels and electricity in that State. Currently, solar has reach parody in pricing and Eguana is set to capitalize on this. However, experts are predicting that Hawaii’s energy market now could reflect what prices will be on the mainland a few years down the road. This is because solar will continue to drop in price, meaning it will reach parody to mainland electricity prices.

The reason that solar and other renewable energy sources continue to drop in price is that they are fundamentally different from other sources of power that rely on a commodity to generate the electricity. Solar and renewables are technologies. This means that as more is produced and the technologies improve, the cost to produce it decreases:

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