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dynaCERT: The Technology Merging Industry and the Environment

dynaCERT Inc. manufactures, distributes and installs Carbon Emission Reduction Technology for use with internal combustion engines.

dynaCERT Inc. (DYA:CA) (DYFSF) manufactures, distributes and installs Carbon Emission Reduction Technology for use with internal combustion engines. It is not a secret the countries around the globe are working to reduce carbon emissions. There are mandates in various forms across the world and these demands are becoming stricter, dynaCERT works with scientists and engineers to address carbon emissions on the engineering level.

The company started as Dynamic Fuel Systems, Inc. until in 2010 engine testing revealed that separate gases had unique characteristics which led the company to build a system that separates hydrogen and oxygen (patent pending). The HydraGenTM unit and its hydrogen injection technology has been field tested by numerous researchers. In November of last year, the Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) verified up to 19.2% fuel consumption reductions. In addition, results yielded up to 40% reductions in carbon emissions for the Class 8 diesel truck engines.

After many studies, the company compiled a list of proven results (taken from company materials – the bolded lines are the author’s):

  • The flame speed of hydrogen is nine times faster than the flame speed of diesel, burning diesel in the presence of hydrogen will result in overall faster and more complete combustion. This will result in higher peak pressure closer to the Top dead centre (TDC) and therefore, will produce a higher effective pressure to do work.
  • Even a small amount of H2O2 injected into the air intake to enhance diesel combustion decreases the brake specific fuel consumption (bsfc) regardless of the level of load.
  • The induction of H2O2 contains oxygen; as a result, the increase in the air-fuel ratio improves that combustion resulting in lower fuel consumption and better efficiency.
  • Hydrocarbon and CO2 are reduced, due to the absence of carbon in hydrogen fuel and also due to better combustion of diesel fuel with the aid of hydrogen which has a higher flame speed.
  • Although CO values for neat diesel operation is relatively lower, by inducting H2O2 into diesel the CO amount is further reduced.

dynaCERT partners with companies to create better, more efficient engines. The good thing is that the HydraGenTM unit does most of the work. The “Smart” Electronic Control Unit (ECU) monitors the reactor and engine parameters and determines a reactor performance level. This is the main controller (decision maker) that provides the capability to optimize the reactor to produce the correct amount of gas for improving the combustion process. It will also provide the capability to monitor, log and transmit data resulting in the reduction of Carbon Footprint. The versatility of the HydraGenTM unit makes it scalable with Class 6-8 on-road vehicles and other applications in rail and marine sectors.

Another exciting move for the company was bringing on Nektar Data Systems. Nektar is a data and asset management platform that utilizes the latest mobile and cloud technologies and tools to track, map, assess, archive, trend and report any data for any asset type in the transportation, construction, utility and service industries. dynaCERT will work with Nektar to allow real-time updates for fleets along with tracking, monitoring and data reports. David Bridge, COO of dynaCERT, stated in the company press release, “This is a huge step forward from a technology standpoint. Upon completion of launch, it is expected that this technology will enable end users to have a system in place that allows the customer to view and assess performance in real time, as well as realize the true benefits of the HydraGenTM and Smart ECU product.”

As carbon emission reductions tighten across the globe, many are left to compete with one hand behind their back as trucks and fleets are flagged for emission warnings, dynaCERT and its brilliant team hold the key and many companies could benefit from their technology.

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