​DynaCERT Brings Measurable Efficiency to a Global Auto Industry in Need of Reducing Carbon Emissions

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The groundbreaking momentum from 2016 has carried over into 2017 for dynaCERT Inc. (DYA:CA)(DYFSF). The Toronto-based energy tech company rolled into this year after being recognized as one of the 20 most innovative companies in Canada, and named a TSX Venture 50 company, where they ranked as the best performing stock across all sectors. dynaCERT saw its share price soar 558%, and market cap surge 677%.

The company certainly has not rested on its laurels either, as evidenced by its latest major milestone. In June, dynaCERT made real-time performance data reporting of its HG1 units available to subscribers, and announced that it had sealed a deal with multiple European dealerships to sell the company’s HydraGEN™ product in their local markets.

Profiting From Energy Efficient Cryptocurrency Mining

Furthermore, the company commenced commercial sales with a bang reporting over $1.38 million in revenue, which only accounted for sales delivered by the end of March. The hard-won milestones keep rolling for dynaCERT, and with good reason, as the company’s flagship product can play a pivotal role in enabling the global automotive industry to reduce its environmental footprint and carbon emissions.

The Global Carbon Project estimates that in order to attain the goals outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement, carbon emissions must be reduced to a downward curve by 2020, or collaborative temperature goals will be nearly impossible. One of the key goals outlined by the project is an increase in fuel efficiencies for heavy-duty vehicles. This is precisely where dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ technology can really be a gamechanger and make a difference in this fight.

The HydraGenTM unit, powered by the Smart ECU™ that intelligently alters the flow of hydrogen and oxygen to the engine, has been field-tested by numerous researchers. The Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) verified up to 19.2% fuel consumption reductions. In addition, results yielded up to 40% reductions in carbon emissions for the Class 8 diesel truck engines.

The most recent announcements - access to fuel savings data and performance monitoring for operators and European dealers now stocking and installing HydraGEN™ products - will lead to wider validation for dynaCERT as a key player in reducing carbons emissions worldwide.

Hard Work is Transforming into Vertical Growth for dynaCERT

The partnership with Nektar Data Systems, a premier fleet management solutions provider, to create an intuitive statistical portal for drivers and fleet operators was announced in December 2016. The collaboration is now starting to bear fruit and subscribers will currently be able to track firsthand the efficiency of the HydraGEN™ technology, since customers can track fuel savings before the HG1 installation.

"We have worked diligently over the past eight months to develop this communication capability within the HydraGEN™ Smart ECU™ and the Nektar data management tool to bring the best information to each user and fleet owner in a timely and efficient manner," says Art Maat, President of Nektar Data Systems Inc.

"After months of planning and working on this product, we are now able to effectively provide this service to our clients,” said Robert Maier, COO of dynaCERT. “This communication feature will provide users of our HydraGEN™ Technology with information they have not been able to have previously."

The advancement of the user experience with direct real-time data comes on the heels of the all-important penetration into the European market. In early June, the company announced they signed dealership agreements in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, France and Slovenia. The dealers involved will stock and resell the HydraGEN™ products locally and a few select dealers will provide installation services where their clients will drive up to a designated location to get an HG1 unit installed on their truck. In addition, inside Germany and Switzerland dynaCERT’s dealer, Hoer & Hoer GreenTech, is supporting the company to get certified with German and European authorities for transport use.

"This is a great opportunity for us to be chosen to market the HydraGEN™ technology in the largest market within the European Union,” Juergen Hoer, the company’s sales manager added. “We are excited about the technology's future capabilities, especially the fact that we are helping our customers reduce their environmental footprint."

"We have set up a strong dealer team in Central Europe where there are over 25 million diesel trucks currently in use,” commented Enrico Schaepfer, vice-president of global sales. “These initial dealers will bring the HydraGEN™ brand within sight of hundreds of trucking companies."

With this in mind, DynaCERT added former President of Cummins Diesel Canada, Michael Christodoulou, to the team as Business Marketing Advisor. Christodoulou brings 30 years of experience in trucking to the table along with industry affiliations to worldwide transportation companies.

These developments connect dynaCERT to the huge global trucking business, but also show that as a company it is aligned with an industry that is now shifting more and more toward digital technology. Trucks are the lifeblood of the logistics chain and dynaCERT’s new custom data portal, along with the efficiencies of the HydraGEN™ engine, fit in perfectly with the modern digitized and environmentally-friendly supply chain.

Moreover, in early Spring, the European Union awarded CE marks to the HG1 (Class 6 to 8 trucks), HG2 (Class 2 to 5 trucks refrigerated trailers and shipping containers) and the HG3 models (diesel-powered ocean ships, locomotives and stationary generators) meaning that dynaCERT products have been assessed to meet the bloc’s high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. The CE mark is what opened the door for the company to enter the European market and through dynaCERT’s diligence the company is now strategically poised for serious vertical growth.

Finding Ways Modern Industry Can Complement the Environment

As dynaCERT now begins to gain traction and come into contact with more trucking companies and dealerships, the company’s committed leadership is persistently exploring opportunities in other markets. In May, the company announced a pilot test with Northwest Territory Power Corp. in Yellowknife, NWT. The deal arranges for the sale, installation and commissioning of four HG1 units onto three stationary generator units responsible for producing the power for the village of Deline, located about 400 kilometers northwest of Yellowknife. Down the line, the opportunity is bigger than just the test at Deline, and could be quite lucrative, since a contract for the total generators in operation by Northwest Territory exceed $22 million.

In its inception, the HydraGEN™ technology was for medium to heavy diesel engines. However, spurred along by a serious passion to reduce carbon emissions, dynaCERT continues to look for ways to grow and expand. The company has already broadened the franchise by developing efficient products for lighter trucks, refrigerated trailers and shipping containers and the HG3 for diesel-powered ships, trains and stationary generators. Investors can expect that dynaCERT will keep pressing onward finding avenues for their cutting-edge technology to impact green initiatives and to see more milestones coming soon.

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