Does Budweiser really have a Moral Code?

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With the recent issues within the NFL and of course the NBA controversy with the Clippers being sold, Sports and Sponsorship is on my mind.

Budweiser ($BUD) released a statement today referring to the Ray Rice scandal and the Adrian Peterson abuse indictment.

"We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season," the NFL's official beer sponsor said in a statement.

"We are not yet satisfied with the league's handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league."

This is a good spin from the beer company that sponsors over 88% of the NFL teams. But  what does it mean about their companies moral code?

It sounds impressive but where is the action behind those morals?

I have morals too, so let us break this down to a moral code. What do they mean?

  • Would they refrain from advertising their beer to the masses during the game?

  • Would they say that they will no longer sponsor teams until regulations and full screening of all players for drugs, felonies, abuse, and arrests was done?

  • Would they show support for victims of domestic abuse by standing tall?

  • Would they be afraid as much of the abuse happens under the influence of alcohol?

Moral Money

  • How much revenue would they lose by not advertising for 1 game, for standing behind their conviction?

  • Would people forget Budweiser exists or see them as trying to help victims of abuse?

  • Would people feel proud that their beer company has action behind their moral code, not just a mouthpiece?

  • Would they lose anything or gain more by being moral?

My morals would drive me to avoid the NFL on ESPN (DIS), its players and recruiting practices and tell my Client the NFL that they need to take me serious. I would pull my advertising and show an action behind my statements.

Would I work in a company that employes or just suspends people who abuse children, use drugs or have felony convictions pending? Would I support a company that does? No I would not. I would feel that a company that is so negligent is something I could not be proud of or sponsor.

So what about the Football fans?

Will we sit on Sunday or Monday night, and discus the trades, the running backs and the plays or for half a minute will we think that we too are part of the problem. What would it mean to miss one game? To miss one night of football for your moral code is too much too.

It will not be a big issue for us, we don’t need to stand up, we can all just sit back and avoid having an opinion or having to do something that is against our nature. We can all just relax as it’s not our problem, it’s our right to watch football, it’s our right after a long week to relax with a beer and watch our teams play.

It’s an American ritual and we are just consumers.

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