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Desert Rats For Pipeline Faults: Synodon

Synodon ($SYD:CA) was best story at this one on one show in Scottsdale just now. The show is put on by MarketEdge Media and Scottsdale Capital. The one-on-one format is compelling: 15

Synodon ($SYD:CA) was best story at this one on one show in Scottsdale just now.

The show is put on by MarketEdge Media and Scottsdale Capital. The one-on-one format is compelling: 15 minutes for the story, the whole story and nothing but the story.

With financials on request. There were 17 or 18 companies — all CEOs or other execs and mostly resources in gold, energy, and one or two services firms, Such as Synodon. Some grizzled geologists too — namely Elmer Stewart of Copper Fox Metals ($CUU:CA). ?

At Synodon, CEO Adrian Banica is the ?company's ?Romania-born CEO. He has been working on the technology for Synodon for 15 years. ?A Tucson, Arizona, firm developed the technology, which uses remote sensors and data sets to detect and manage oil and gas leaks.

We attach the latest PDF, from a paid investment researcher — paid for that is by Synodon. And no I am not a fan of such paid research but at least it is a snapshot. I know the analyst in Toronto?.

Synodon went public in 2007,? and ?the company ?looks at an inflection point for sales and possibly operating profit. I might buy some at 25 cents Canadian. Mr. Banica tells me he is considering a 10 percent dilutive financing for $2 million or so in the next two months.? Synodon is based in Alberta, Canada, and is signing contracts that could give it $3 million in sales for 2014.

The idea of pipeline fault-detection largely comes down to sniffing out methane and ethane. Competitors are college students with FIDs, or flame ionization devices. A large laser-technology company — large for this tiny segment of oil and gas, that is — also operates. In the middle are contractors who take pictures from airplanes — regular, thermal and so on. ?

?I will have more. Mr. Banica and his team pay me nothing for this little comment. He had a buzz going at the show, and it was not from desert peyote either.

I am on the way to LA for a visit with In the meantime, ?the rest of ?my conference notes:?

Iona Energy ($INA:CA) was ?a?ppealing as well … in terms of a safe bet relatively on North Sea oil with possible big upside from prod. ?g?ains and exploration. AIM listing will be a plus ?in London ?… Eritrea and Nevsun  (NSU) gathered the most big investor appeal, with 4 percent dividend …?? Plate ?Resources ($PLR:CA) ?gets Penny Dreadful most likely to triple in next 8 weeks award … an excellent one on one show ?in an age when resources look wobbly and no one it seems wants to spend two days at a conference booth. I loved it. Refreshing.?

By the way, ?as I already own Freegold Ventures ($FVL:CA) I will say only that the shares will never again drop below 22 cents Canadian … Kristina Walcott and ?her Freegold ?team get my most professional speed presentation award for this show?. I think the next one of these is in Ontario or Quebec.

New: On my way to Portugal and Cape Verde — real estate, tungsten, gold. … Also, prepare for a $20 option to get real-time comments, unadorned and on the road, from TCR. Ping me with any interest in the service, which has that $20 yearly price tag for everyone, inckuding strategics and ordinary loveable folks. Mostly resources, some special situations and other investments. Basically, this is for a growing TCR roster that cannot get ENOUGH of this stuff. I swear. If you want the ??PayPal code, shout.

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