Democratic Debate Reveals Little

Steve Kanaval |

The current bet among those who gamble set up the wager this way. You can take Hillary for even money against the rest of the field. This means if we bet one dollar, I would take Hillary,and you would take everyone else - even up. So if we were to bet - you have all the other candidates - and I have Hillary to become President. None of the rest matters, just the final tally.

This is the only real bet. I guess you could bet who will win the Republican or Democratic primaries, and then make another bet. But this is really only about who ultimately wins. It's like betting on the NFL, and if you were to make an analogy. Hillary is New England and Donald Trump is Carolina...I'm not sure that even fits because I think Carolina can win, and I do not think Trump is electable.

But if we were to make a bet on the US based Presidency, the bet is a simple - one takes Hillary - one takes the field.

I am not a political writer and know that I did not watch the prime time debate live, I watched a YouTube replay of the debate, and I feel the same way about the wager than before i watched. I don't think they matter.

They matter to the news cycle, and I think they matter to many Americans who are undecided about how they will vote. But frankly when half of eligible voters do not go to the polls and actually vote, yet everyone is willing to spout what they think in any discussion, it makes me steer away from politics in general.

Many think what Wall Street (which is what I cover) should be thinking about is improving voting machine technology, or voting via your cell phone and finding the technology (and associated companies) before the next election in 2020. This will be a huge business.

I have been paying attention to American politics since Richard Nixon was elected in the 70's and I watched the media transform politicians right before my eyes..from Michael Dukakis to Jimmy Carter to Donald Trump.

You can bet more fireworks before the election, but if you are looking for an opinion on the upcoming election - there really is only one wager, and I would not take the field.

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