DelMar’s Anti-Cancer Drug Shows Promise for a Personalized Approach to Treatment

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DelMar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ($DMPI)announced the presentation of "Exploring the Molecular Mechanisms of Dianhydrogalactitol (VAL-083) in Cancer Treatment," at the 2015 Canadian Cancer Research Conference. The presentation, delivered on November 9 by DelMar’s research collaborators from the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Prostate Centre, provides additional data on the unique molecular signaling events responsible for VAL-083 (dianhydrogalactitol) activity against cancer.

“To further understand the unique anti-cancer mechanism of VAL-083, we collaborated with researchers from UBC and VPC to study VAL-083's anti-cancer activity on a molecular level,” said Jeffrey Bacha, President and CEO of DelMar Pharmaceuticals.

The study confirmed a four-fold hypothesis:

1.     VAL-083 induces DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs).

2.     VAL-083 cytotoxicity is due to cell cycle arrest and apoptosis resulting from DNA cross-linking lesions accumulating in S- and G2-phases of the cell cycle.

3.     The antineoplastic effect of VAL-083 is dependent on cancer cells' ability to repair the VAL-083-induced DNA damage.

4.     Alterations in DNA damage repair signaling pathway lead to VAL-083 sensitivity or resistance in tumor cells.

“The study results show a pattern of durability in the DNA lesions caused by VAL-083 which indicate its unique mechanism and potential superiority versus other chemotherapeutic agents,” said Bacha. “This suggests that VAL-083 is effective at modifying tumor cells and may halt tumor progression by inhibiting natural cellular repair processes.”

A biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of new cancer therapies, DelMar’s first-in-class, small-molecule chemotherapeutic, VAL-083 is currently approved in China for the treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) and lung cancer. Furthermore, the anti-cancer drug has demonstrated clinical activity against a range of cancers including lung, brain, cervical, ovarian tumors and leukemia both as a single-agent and in combination with other treatments in 40 Phase I and II clinical studies sponsored by the US National Cancer Institute.

DelMar continues to make groundbreaking progress in the fight against cancer, including promising strides towards a “personalized medicine” approach to cancer treatment. "We will continue to explore the signaling pathways involved in VAL-083 for the treatment of cancer," said Bacha. "The further elucidation of these molecular mechanisms will help to focus our drug development efforts on patients with cancer who would most benefit from VAL-083 treatment. This 'personalized-medicine' approach leverages significant historical clinical data from prior NCI-sponsored studies; which, when juxtaposed against a new understanding of VAL-083's biological mechanism, provides an opportunity to accelerate the development of VAL-083 as a new therapy for cancer patients with limited treatment options." had the opportunity to interview Jeffrey Bacha, President and CEO of DelMar Pharmaceuticals. The interview can be watched here. For more information about DelMar Pharmaceuticals,

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