Del Mar Pharma (DMPI) Q&A Valuable to Me

Steve Kanaval  |

I explain to young writers more often that I can tell you, that the best way to learn about a company is to go listen to the quarterly conference call. These calls are required by regulators, and the companies spend weeks prepping. I am often amazed at how few investors would ever consider listening to these, which is incredibly dumb. Also, these calls are available by replay for 30 days following the date of the 10Q quarterly filing within the PR the company notifies the public via info below...


DelMar plans to host a conference call on Wednesday, February 17, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. EST, to discuss quarterly results and provide a corporate update. For both "listen-only" participants and those who wish to take part in the question and answer portion of the call, the telephone Dial-in Number is (800) 895‑1715 (toll-free) or (785) 424‑1059 (toll) with Conference ID "DelMar." A link to the webcast and slides will be available on the IR Calendar of the Investors section of the Company's website at and will be archived for 30 days.


Now keep in mind all companies no matter if they are Google/Alphabet (GOOG), FaceBook (FB) or Delmar Pharma (DMPI) - they all are required to do the same things, and they are all on a 90 day clock. They do this again and again, and I can tell you as a former C-Level executive for a public company the quarter fly's by and your boss is asking you for numbers for the upcoming quarter.

It is a continuous 90 day clock that never stops ticking and public company's spend so much time prepping for this that the system needs to be changed. It will change soon because technology will allow CEO's to put their information out on Twitter (TWTR) or FaceBook or agreed upon social media and stop wasting all this time prepping for these calls so they can operate their business.

The only thing that matters is the Q&A or guidance, because they are the things that move the stock. I have listened to 10,000 conference calls in my career and the way we did this was to have an intern carve out the Q&A or guidance numbers, or we would only focus on these metrics.

In large market cap stocks we would listen for a specific word from the company and que up our trading system to buy or sell shares. We would have our finger on the keypad listening for an important phrase changing guidance (we don't do this at Equities because we are journalists not traders and we don't trade) up or down.

What we found was everyone else was doing this ..... for any stock above $200M market cap. Pretty much all traders did was trade quarterly calls around a change in expected guidance, and they would be in and out of the stock in an hour.

The other part of the call which was important was the Analyst Q&A, here the smartest of the smart ask provocative questions which also move the stock, so if you were "doing a guidance trade", you needed to be out before the analysts asked a question because it may cause the stock to fly in the opposite direction. This occurs often in many larger cap stocks as traders wheel around thousands of shares during parts of every quarterly call.

So if you go listen to the replay of the call for DMPI you will hear an analyst ask a critical question to CEO Jeff Bacha and it is an important data point for the company, and if you follow Del Mar, may I humbly suggest you listen to quarterly calls.

If you commit one dime to stock investing I suggest you review what the company is saying, it is the life bread of learning about what they do, and the regulators were thinking of you when they enacted laws to ensure the playing field is level.

Feel free to email me any questions about this or any article, I am always available and there is never a dumb question :)

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