Dash Aims to Make Any Car A “Smart Car” With Connected Vehicle Platform

Destiny A. Lopez  |

Owning a vehicle entails a lot of responsibilities, including maintenance, upkeep, and overall safe and responsible operation. This is especially the case for those who use their vehicle for everyday commuting. With monthly upkeep and monitoring, a vehicle can operate in good condition for a number of years. However, in today’s technology driven world, information is gathered in real-time, giving rise to more timely reactions. Dash, a technology company, aims to put real-time technology on every dashboard.

Described as the “FitBit for cars” by TechCrunch, Dash’s connected car platform, next to the self driving car, is part of a movement that plans to usher in the next generation of vehicle technology.

The company’s combination of OBD hardware and mobile application provides drivers real-time analytics. These analytics, among others, include:

  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Driving habits
  • Car health
  • Trip logs

Along with its consumer technology, the company, as reported by TechCrunch in late 2015, boasts two additional services in its product portfolio. Designed for fleets, the Dash XL, similar to the original concept, records and sends data to fleet managers. The Dash IQ takes data collected from its consumer product and turns it into an analytics platform for large organizations and government agencies.

In order to show the potential of its technology, the company has announced a number of developments in recent months. Dash, in January 2016, launched its NYC Data Visualization Project. The project utilized Dash’s hardware and app to collect data over a 24 hour period in NYC.

Furthermore, Dash was recently featured in in the 1776 Challenge Cup in NYC and among a number of companies featured in the Fortune report titled, Who Will Build the Next Great Car Company? In the article, Jamyn Edis, CEO of Dash explained that the future of the automobile industry, particularly when talking about smart cars or self-driving cars, requires cooperation across a number of business and government sectors. “It’s not enough to throw some sensors and software on a two-ton projectile and say ‘Look, Ma, we made it smart,’ ” said Edis.

By empowering through data, consumers and businesses are able to make informed decisions in regards to safety and cost. And, the technology won’t break the bank. The Dash App is available for both Apple and Android phones; and, CellAssist, the recommended device to pair with the app, is $59.

To learn more about Dash, visit www.dash.by.

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