Daplie Accomplishes A Crowdfunding First Using WeFunder and Indiegogo

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Salt Lake City, Daplie announced today that it has achieved another "Crowdfunding First" by becoming the only company so far to successfully run a Reg CF equity campaign and a rewards campaign simultaneously.

With its product, Cloud, Daplie aims to put an automated cloud system in everyone's home. This past October, it became the first Utah-based company to use the Reg CF exemption to raise seed capital. On of this year, it became the first company to run two different crowdfunding campaigns at the same time; the rewards campaign is listed on Indiegogo and the Reg CF campaign is running on the WeFunder platform. Just one month later, on , Daplie officially surpassed the original funding goals for both campaigns.

Daplie's founding team has extensive experience in hardware and software technology, as well as crowdfunding. Subsequently, the company has made crowdfunding its primary means of raising capital, and has used crowdsourcing to spread product awareness, as it has increased its public profile.

"Our company produces products that allow individuals and small businesses to take control of their digital content with automation, security, and convenience through a personal Cloud System. Using equity and rewards crowdfunding to do this means that Daplie is a company both for and by the people." Says Brian Bourgerie, VP at Daplie, and a veteran in the equity crowdfunding space.

To date, crowdfunding issuers have shied away from running simultaneous campaigns due to the extensive work it takes to prepare and run one successful campaign, let alone two. Daplie's decision to run both campaigns simultaneously meant that it could enlist the support of both investors and pre-order customers to spread the word about the company, it's mission, and provide an avenue to back the company in whatever way supporters saw fit.

"Our marketing agency has extensive experience working on equity and rewards campaigns, and there is no getting around the fact that the amount of effort that goes into a campaign is directly related to the outcome. This is why the Daplie team's ability to pull off two campaigns at once, and reach the target raises for each one, is a truly impressive feat." said Gabriela Barragan, Director of Marketing at Crack The Crowd.

Daplie chose WeFunder for the equity campaign, and Indiegogo to collect pre-orders and contributions. Wefunder has emerged as the leading portal to run Reg CF campaigns with more offerings (and successes) than all other Reg CF portals combined. Daplie said both portals have been very collaborative with issuers, working closely with them towards joint success.

About Daplie: Daplie is the Cloud System designed to Take Back the Internet. It's first product, Cloud, is a "Plug & Play" home server that helps you to centralize your digital life. Cloud downloads all of your digital content from your phone, tablet, computer, and other cloud storage and then uploads your content to Cloud, securely. Giving you access to all of your content, on every device, from anywhere. No monthly Fees. No Lame Restrictions.

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Web: https://daplie.com

Wefunder Campaign URL: https://wefunder.com/daplie

Indiegogo Campaign URL: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/daplie-the-cloud-system-to-take-back-the-internet#/

For Interview or other press inquiries, contact: Gabriela Barragan


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