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Dajin Ships Samples for Lithium Assay from Teels Marsh

Vancouver, BC / December 18, 2014 / Dajin Resources Corp. ("Dajin") (TSX-V: $DJI:CA) is pleased to announce that the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Dajin Resources (US) Corp. has

Vancouver, BC / December 18, 2014 / Dajin Resources Corp. ("Dajin") (TSX-V: $DJI:CA) is pleased to announce that the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Dajin Resources (US) Corp. has delivered to its assay labs in Reno, Nevada, the first batch of brine and solids samples from a shallow auger exploration program on Dajin's 100% owned Teels Marsh claims which cover 2,187 hectares (5,405 acres) in Mineral County, Nevada. The samples will be analyzed for lithium, boron magnesium and potassium and a further suite of elements that could be of commercial interest.

Work by the US Geological Survey (OFR: 76-567) in 1976, identified the presence of lithium concentrations for 127 samples from three areas sampled in and around Teels Marsh:

 |                               |Lithium         |       |
 |                               |Content         |       |
 |                               |(ppm)           |       |
 |Sample Description             |High|Low|Average|Number |
 |                               |    |   |       |of     |
 |                               |    |   |       |Samples|
 |                               |    |   |       |       |
 |Samples near                   |850 |24 |223    |47     |
 |springs marginal to            |    |   |       |       |
 |Playa                          |    |   |       |       |
 |Seven backhoe pits near springs|580 |13 |115    |50     |
 |Playa surface                  |560 |25 |76     |30     |
 |For Reference:|US Geological Survey Bulletin 1622 (1986)         |
 |              |Clayton Valley Wells  |CV5A         |283 ppm      |
 |              |(Highest Values)      |FM116        |230 ppm      |
 |              |                      |             |             |
 |              |                      |FM133        |180ppm       |
 |              |Average Lithium Assays|             |231 ppm      |

The current sampling program is designed to confirm the earlier analyses and test the general distribution of the lithium at shallow depths. Success with this work would encourage a further work program to investigate the possible volumes of lithium brines and solids to depth.

The Teels Marsh property is located approximately 50 miles northwest of the Silver Peak Mine in Clayton Valley, the only producing brine based lithium mine operation in North America. The US Federal Government recently granted funding of over $28 million to the Clayton Valley operations to assist in the expansion of this production.

Lithium News Headlines

Tesla Motors Inc. has recently announced that they will construct a "Gigafactory" battery manufacturing facility for the production lithium ion batteries east of Reno, Nevada. These batteries are being produced for the automotive markets (Plug-in Electric and Hybrid Systems). Recently, Tesla announced interest in building the much larger battery installations for storing the erratic power production of so-called sustainable power generators such as windmills and solar cells. This is a simple solution for "cleaning" up the power supplied by typical variations in supply from sources such as wind and sunshine impaired by cloud cover.

Elsewhere on the lithium markets front, Alcoa has announced the start of a lithium aluminum alloy production facility in Indiana that will produce 20,000 tons annually of an alloy that competes favourably with steel in automotive and aerospace applications, allowing the use of a lighter stronger material that could return substantial fuel savings in both sectors. The initial new market requirement for this metallurgical application of lithium is estimated (using published information describing the percentage of lithium used in the alloys) to be approximately 1 million pounds annually.

Dajin's management has recently upgraded their website and incorporated new information relating to our two major holdings, the Teels Marsh project in Nevada, USA and the Salinas Grandes project in Jujuy Province, Argentina. Visit our website often and register for Dajin's Energy Metal Quarterly to keep up to date on our projects and industry related news,

About Dajin:

Dajin is an early stage energy metals exploration company holding a 100% interest in claims known to contain lithium and boron values in the Teels Marsh region of Mineral County, Nevada. These claims, which cover 2,187 hectares (5,405 acres), was the birth place of US Borax Corp's first borax mine. Dajin's recent oversubscribed private placement raised in excess of $1.2 million for Dajin's exploration programs and for general working capital.

Dajin also holds a 100% interest in concessions or concession applications in Jujuy Province, Argentina that were acquired in regions known to contain brines with potassium, lithium and boron values. These concessions total approximately 100,000 hectares (247,000 acres) with 80,248 hectares (198,000 acres) located in the Salinas Grandes/Guayatayoc salt lakes basin adjacent to concessions held by Orocobre Limited (ORL-T: TSX), who is partnered with Toyota Tsusho.



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