​Cryptocurrency and Real Estate Join Forces

John Livesay  |

Do you embrace disruption or ignore it?

Today cryptocurrency is all the buzz with people talking about how it is disrupting the banking industry with bitcoin –aka digital gold. What this is doing is allowing people to pay for things without paying banking fees to transfer from one currency to another such as what you pay to convert from US Dollars (Fiat money) to Euros.

Many people want to “get in” on the new cryptocurrency innovations, but are nervous about all the ups and downs as well as the fact that it is “not backed on anything but trust.”

Imagine if the real estate market got disrupted by a cryptocurrency token that would help people take equity out of their home without increasing their monthly mortgage. What if that new token also provided everyday people a way to get in to the cryptocurrency game, but do it with a token that was backed by assets in real estate ?

Well you don’t have to imagine it because Quantm.one is launching to help people get cash in exchange for a small percent of equity in their home. The social impact of this is huge as people who need money out of their home to send their child to college can now do so without causing their mortgage payment to go up.

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Now anyone who wants to own residential real estate without the headaches of being a landlord will soon be able to buy an asset backed token via Quantm.one. When you add the blockchain to real estate, it allows people to own a small amount of many different homes.

Matthew Sullivan, the CEO and Co-Founder of Quantm.one says, “My vision is to use what cryptocurrency offers to allow people get equity of their homes without the burden of taking on more debt."

As in every startup, the key to success is having the right team to execute the idea. In this case, the idea and team are so compelling that when I was invited to join I said yes! To learn more about the social impact and the team visit us at http://quantm.one/

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