Cowboy Dez Bryant Buys PlayStation 4 Consoles for Walmart Shoppers

Andrew Klips  |

The Dallas Cowboys are on a bye this week. Dez Bryant was on a buying spree last night in Dallas.

If Sony Corporation’s (SNE) PlayStation 4 hasn’t received enough hype heading into its heavily anticipated launch at 12:00 AM Friday; it got some more today from a most unlikely source.  Dallas Cowboys All-Pro wide receiver Dez Bryant, an avid “Madden Football” video game player, showed up at a Dallas Walmart (WMT) store to pick up one of the new $400 consoles just like the rest of the crowd waiting in line. The difference was that Bryant didn’t just buy one for himself; he bought one for other shoppers waiting in line as well.

Since Bryant came into the National Football League as the number 24 overall pick in the 2010 draft, he’s been called plenty of things for some of his antics, including a sideline tirade and an alleged assault of his mother.  Probably the best receiver in the 2010 draft, his talent was undeniable, but many speculated that it was his attitude that dropped him down in the draft. Some maturation, counseling and even a security team later (to keep him out of trouble), and Bryant has evolved into one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and it seems that a pretty decent guy away from the field as well.

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For the lucky shoppers at Walmart last night, Christmas came early, with Santa wearing a black and red hoodie. News of Bryant’s generosity spread across Twitter (TWTR) as one of the shoppers posted a picture of himself with Dez, tweeting, “Bro dez Bryant just came thru and bought me a PS4! Me and 5 other that were in line. GOD IS SOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!!!”

The PlayStation 4 is the first new machine for Sony since launching the PlayStation 3 back in 2006. Sony expects that it will sell five million of the PlayStation 4 units by the end of the first quarter of 2014, outpacing sales of the predecessor significantly. Across the same time frame following the launch, Sony sold 3.55 million PS3’s, which were priced in some regions at $599. The company thinks that the lower price tag and expanded features of the new iteration will bolster sales.

The new unit will be in direct competition with Microsoft’s (MSFT) new Xbox One, which is hitting retailers on November 22.  The Xbox One is priced at $499. Games for both typically cost around $60 each. Walmart is reportedly going to be offering the Xbox One with as a package bundled with games or accessories for $617.

While die-hard gamers will spend their cash without batting an eye to get their hands on the latest version of their favorite system, the Xbox bundle is right near what consumers are expected to spend on gifts this holiday season. A recent Gallup poll showed that Americans plan to spend about $700 on Christmas gifts.

Analysts have been worried about consumers tightening their wallets this year in the face of political wrangling in Washington, higher taxes and an unemployment rate holding steadily over 7 percent.

Well, at least Dez helped some people at least keep some of their cash for other presents.

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