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Coronavirus Delivers Deathblow to Flybe Airlines

The UK airline has advised travelers with tickets to “not come to the airport."

Source: Pixabay, Fuzz

The UK airline, Flybe, has advised travelers with tickets to “not come to the airport” unless they have arranged an alternative flight. Exeter-based Flybe said the collapse was hastened by the coronavirus’ impact on demand for air travel.


In a letter to the airline’s staff, chief executive Mark Anderson said: “Despite every effort, we now have no alternative – having failed to find a feasible solution to allow us to keep trading. I am very sorry that we have not been able to secure the funding needed to continue to deliver our turnaround,” he added.

In January, the UK government announced they were in talks to rescue Flybe, but delays and cancellations from the virus compounded the company’s financial difficulties. The government said it is working with the industry to minimize disruption to Flybe routes, “including by looking urgently at how routes not already covered by other airlines can be re-established.”

Flybe was founded in 1979 and at one point was Europe’s largest independent regional airline, carrying eight million passengers a year and operating more than 200 routes.


Source: Equities News