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Investing in Well-Known Companies? Watch Out for These Guys

A quick perusal of the most popular by volume stocks on the market on a given day (in this case, April 6) reveals that they’re pretty much all household names: Bank of America (BAC) ,
The vast majority of financial news coverage focuses on who’s about to go through the roof: which stock is going to pop, skyrocket, or whatever euphemism for “go up” you want to
In a political-economic climate in which it has become acceptable to speak casually of applying spending cuts to vital elements of the country’s wellbeing such as Medicare and national security,
A lot of investing advice tends to come in the form of what to buy and what's poised to explode. But the other end of the spectrum, identifying companies that might be in trouble can be an equally
Much of the confectionary industry is made up of privately owned companies like Mars, Inc., Haribo, and the Farley & Sathers Candy Company.  There are, however, still a few publicly traded