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Five Small Cap Tech Stocks Looking Strong

Investing in small cap stocks can be a harrowing experience. Smaller companies tend to shift in larger moves, rising and falling more than blue chips would be expected to. Tech, also, presents a
Investing in small-cap stocks can be a real crap shoot. While larger, blue-chips have a certain stability connected to their size, small-cap companies can experience much larger swings up and
It's always hard to invest in a stock that's at or above its 52-week high. For all the strong valuations one might find, the sense that it's a rocket that's already taken off can make it difficult
As discussed yesterday, here are Singular Research's Top Ten “Uncovered Gems” list for 2012, spanning a diversity of industries, including Industrial, health care, technology, and energy and
This week at Singular Research, we took a closer look at Ebix, Inc. (EBIX), a software and e-commerce solutions provider for the insurance industry. EBIX is a “battle ground" stock because bears