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Growth at a Reasonable Price Strategy — Month 5 Update

?Our 5th month running the Growth At A Reasonable Price Strategy sees a 12.3% net return and is already bouncing back.
Steel was fast approaching bull market territory on Thursday as record-breaking production from China is proving to be insufficient to meet demand. As the Chinese government attempts to curb
Time Warner Inc.’s (TWX) “Man of Steel” remake of the everlasting Superman theme rung up over $113 million in box office sales over its first weekend. The film has been seen as a response to
China stocks ended this week almost unchanged after surging the last two weeks due to the launch of easy money programs by U.S. and European central banks. However, the money-easing policies could
Recent economic data points and the Beige Book favored steady economic growth, but this morning’s data counters this positive information. Initial Jobless Claims rose 27,000 last week to 399,000