Cloud Platforms to Boom in Times of Hard Drive Insecurity

Steve Kanaval  |

The news that US-based hard drive manufacturers worked in concert with the government to embed clusters of spying programs should push the consumer home office business to quicker migration to cloud storage products.
Baby Boomers own property, have businesses, trade stocks, use Quickbooks and are always worried that the HD will crash or they will lose data.

Cloud storage has been mostly “forced log in.” iCloud, which has approximately a zillion addresses unused, and was the attempt by Apple Inc. (AAPL) to get a footprint for cloud storage using the iPhone series. Many have iCloud storage and rarely use it unless they lose a phone or upgrade, so the ease with which we move data is still in its infancy, and users will always seek a safe solution.

Losing data is one thing, but having embedded chips in our hard drives is another animal.  I think this will  be the final push for many consumers to use cloud based storage and start transferring data freely between the smart phone (Android or Apple iOS), laptop, tablet, or desktop. The understanding that most homes and home offices are set up with a fast internet connection and a stable/safe wireless signal allows us to often move data around within home, workplace or home office.

The next step is to realize – and accept – that they have a virtual locker they can access from any device, and the multi-home crowd is grasping this more quickly as they cross platform between operating systems (we do this often and don’t even realize it). But this crowd knows that their accountants need Quickbooks (or other) formats to save data that can be transferred via the cloud and NOT have to sit somewhere on a flash drive somewhere in the bottom of a computer bag!!

Enter Dropbox

Pre-IPO Dropbox has been around awhile, and is the product I cut my teeth on because it was easy to use. In fairness, I never gave anyone else a chance, but I think that’s the point that Dropbox understood early on. Like AOL in 1996, they knew that all they had to do was get people to sign up for the platform. I recall meeting with Steve Case, CEO of AOL, who told me he was massively producing CD’s to help those with desktops launch an OS in 1993. We were watching his stock at the time – and it exploded higher.

The Thesis for Dropbox: “The volume of data continues to grow significantly as users and organizations increase their usage of data-rich applications and access content from multiple connected devices.According to IDC, from 2005 to 2020, the volume of digital information will grow by a factor of 300, increasing demand for cost-efficient and scalable storage and content management solutions. Dropbox has more than 300 million users, is used in 97% of Fortune 500 companies and supports 15 languages with users in over 200 countries”

I fully expect full market penetration in cloud storage to extend beyond the bean counters, vaulting it into the useful product that it is. We have the ability to seamlessly transfer/save data in our daily lives, and the current hard drive scare will certainly keep the cloud train rolling down the tracks.


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