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Clean Power and Reduced Costs: dynaCert Inc. (DYA) – an Equities Round Up

The technology behind dynaCERT’s (DYA) great results is the culmination of ideas, people and partnerships.

We are a growing energy sector company that specializes in delivering Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies to a global marketplace. Throughout our years in business we have worked to provide a reliable and effective electrolysis unit that would generate hydrogen and oxygen on demand to: (A) address the growing requirements to reduce emissions; and (B) provide an increase in fuel economy.

By partnering with expert scientific engineers along with a dedicated product development team, we overcame critical engineering challenges and successfully completed positive field studies with our HydraGen™ unit. Test results received from third party testing at the Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) verified up to 40% reduction in greenhouse gases, over 65% in particulate matter and 19.2% fuel consumption reductions. This is significant. This is significant.

With the ability to deliver a return on investment (ROI) our approach to enhance product development into additional market platforms has created global interest. We continue to expand out partnerships with industry leaders, major corporations, private companies and government bodies. These relationships are strengthening our presence, and helping pave the way for our technologies expansion in rail, marine, oil/gas, mining applications and stationary generators.dynaCERT is on the move.

Our future is exciting. Our perspective is global. Our Mission is achievable.

Technology Overview

Hydrogen Injection Technology

The technology behind dynaCERT’s great results is the culmination of ideas, people and partnerships. Staying on the forefront of cutting edge solutions for a global market; we deliver Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies.

Our current technology with its patent-pending delivery method is centered around providing hydrogen-oxygen mixture (H2O2), generated on demand through electrolysis, for combustion engines.

The benefits of this additive have been investigated by several researchers. Here are a few of the established findings by the scientific community; 1

  • The flame speed of hydrogen is nine times faster than the flame speed of diesel, burning diesel in the presence of hydrogen will result in overall faster and more complete combustion. This will result in higher peak pressure closer to the Top dead centre (TDC) and therefore, will produce a higher effective pressure to do work.
  • Even a small amount of H2O2 injected into the air intake to enhance diesel combustion decreases the brake specific fuel consumption (bsfc) regardless of the level of load.
  • The induction of H2O2 contains oxygen; as a result, the increase in the air-fuel ratio improves the combustion resulting in lower fuel consumption and better efficiency.
  • Hydrocarbons and CO2 are reduced, due to the absence of carbon in hydrogen fuel and also due to better combustion of diesel fuel with the aid of hydrogen which has a higher flame speed.
  • Although CO values for neat diesel operation is relatively lower, by inducting H2O2 into diesel the CO amount is further reduced.

dynaCERT created partnerships to perfect a technology that would deliver on the promising findings with H2O2 injection. Not only have we developed patent-pending technology, we have completed testing and have validated that our technology works.

Here are some of the features delivered through our technology;

  • Our patent-pending electrolysis system and Smart ECM provides a reliable and adjustable delivery of H2O2 concentrations. Not all engines are the same and having the optimal ratios and percentages provides increased benefits.
  • Our technology is scalable allowing use with Class 6-8 on-road vehicles and transition to applications with rail, marine, off-road and power generation.
  • Our technology is leading edge and provides solutions without drawing excessive power to perform the task.
  • It is designed to work with OEM manufacturer`s and compliment technological improvements.

With our results established and its scalability options, we continue to enhance our technology scope, working with forward thinking engineers to provide enhancements and new product developments. With our people and partnerships we continue to expand our product line to provide solutions for on-road, off-road, rail, marine and power generation.

dynaCERT: A global leader in Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies.

On Road

dynaCERT is committed to supporting on-road customers with industry leading technology. Our commitment to on-road customers has lead to the development of the robust, reliable and effective HydraGen™ .

HydraGen™ has been designed so you can put it to work for your business right away. Before we launched HydraGen™, we spent thousands of hours on the design working with our engineers, customers, and conducting field tests to create the ideal product that would meet with our customer’s current and future expectations. Not only did the product need to be reliable, it needed to provide solutions for emission reduction, fuel savings and be manufactured so that customers could achieve a return on investment.

Created for use in diesel engines ranging from Class 6 to 8, HydraGen™ is a quality product that improves engine performance. Through our patent-pending electrolysis system, we are able to provide pure hydrogen and oxygen gases through the air intake, creating a more powerful combustion which provides:

One size fits all is not our motto. That doesn’t work and our customers understand this. We designed HydraGen™ to be scalable, as well; we have the ability to test various concentrations of hydrogen and oxygen mixtures to create the perfect formula for specific engine types, and then calibrate it to maximize all the benefits.dynaCERT’s mechanics, engineers and partners are available to ensure customer satisfaction and as a team, we are focused on delivering results.

Setting the standard in the industry, we deliver when it comes to your needs through our products, support system and continued product development.

Contact us to find out how HydraGen™ can benefit you.

To find out more about our hydrogen-injection please visit Our Technology.

Download HydraGen™ spec sheet (PDF)

Management Team

Jim Payne
President, CEO and Director

Mr. Jim Payne is Chief Executive Officer, dynaCERT Inc. Mr. Payne also serves as Chief Executive Officer of his privately held consulting, project management and real-estate development company operating in the GTA and surrounding areas. Mr. Payne graduated from St. Clair College in Construction Engineering, Project Management and Estimating in 1974. He has successfully built and managed his own private companies for more than 38 years. This provides Mr. Payne with years of experience in accounting, business leadership, and the legal aspects of governance. Over the last decade Mr. Payne has taken his natural networking skills and built on them to create strong team dynamics that lead to success and generate movement. With a strong leadership presence, Mr. Payne is leading dynaCERT in a way that has helped to streamline corporate activities, generate growth, form new partnerships, and bring the corporate vision to a reality.

David Bridge
Chief Operating Officer

David Bridge has an extensive background in managing technology operations and multi-million dollar corporate ventures. He is an accomplished leader with extensive knowledge of restructuring and streamlining IT to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Mr. Bridge has expertise in the design and delivery of customer focused, cost effective, scalable and high-performance IT infrastructure and applications and in-depth business and technical skills needed to solve business problems with innovative solutions.

Mr. Bridge has held several senior IT positions with major firms for the past 25 years. In addition, he has successfully launched 2 privately held start-ups. Mr. Bridge has led successful teams at AMD, RBC Financials, Virgin Mobile and at Blackberry. He has also held a senior position as a consultant at WSIB.

As a senior IT leader at Virgin Mobile, he helped launch Virgin Mobile in Canada helping it to expand from a start-up to a key competitor in the Telecommunications sector.

In his recent position at Blackberry as a Director of Infrastructure, Architecture and Engineering, he led a high performance team that designed and supported large scale enterprise wide systems.

Yumey Fernandez
CFO & Corporate Secretary

Ms. Fernandez graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Administration Studies with a specialty in Accounting and completed her CPA designation (Chartered Professional Accountant) in 2016. She has worked in administrative and accounting roles with organizations in the Private, Public and Not for Profit sectors across North America. She joined dynaCERT Inc in August 2012 and assumed the responsibilities of Corporate Secretary in August 2013 and CFO in February 2015.

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