Celebrities Fight Paparazzi with Reflective Clothing

Steve Kanaval  |

Flashback Photobomber Hoodie

If you read my recent article Wearable Cameras, you understand that video embedded in clothing is on the horizon and the "point and shoot" camera phone will not be how most photo and video content will be created.
Instead, it will be created from someone's hat, or purse or pen top. The days of the viewfinder will be replaced by the user connecting bluetooth to the tablet, watching the video and editing it on the fly. I already do this with my GoPro (GPRO) camera - and the world is about to explode into an all live, all the time world.

Anti-Cam Clothing

As I was doing research on wearable cameras, I stumbled across clothing intended to inhibit someone from taking your photo if you didn't want it taken. This really has been useful for celebrity fighting paparazzi or parents protecting kids, and its sold by a company called Betabrand, which makes a men's hoodie called the "Flashback Photobomber Hoodie" that retails for $205. This product is made with reflective glass which hides the face of the person behind the hood, creating a ghost-like image, versus the definitions and lines of their face - in most cases the subject of the photo is left nearly unrecognizable. When I saw it, it seemed so logical I almost fell out of my seat!

Better Clothes from Betabrand

Betabrand makes innovative clothing and user generated ideas - assisting in design, funding and new products. It covers everything from wearable yoga pants for women to reflective hoodies for men that protect your privacy. Simply put, I love it!

In an ever expanding video world, you can expect to see more innovative ideas like Betabrand. I fully expect many products like these to arise as the world switches to a "live all the time" world. I expect we will have James Bond like gadgets that will keep our privacy sacred while documenting our every movement.


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