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CannaOne Technologies Is Poised For Serious Growth

Here’s why CannaOne Technologies is poised for immense growth, and why investors can’t afford to take their eyes off this stock.
Alex Hamilton is a regular contributor to numerous news sites.
Alex Hamilton is a regular contributor to numerous news sites.

With the cannabis market suffering from an ongoing slump, many investors are throwing their hands into the air and saying that enough is enough before pulling their money out for good. While low stock prices have driven some away from the market, however, others have wisely realized that the ongoing cannabis slump will soon abate, and that certain companies are still poised for incredible growth in the forthcoming years.

One such company is CannaOne Technologies, Inc., a Canadian-based business that’s pioneering the ecommerce sector of the cannabis industry. Here’s why CannaOne Technologies is poised for immense growth, and why investors can’t afford to take their eyes off this stock.

CBD is the future of the cannabis market

If there’s one thing that’s growing more and more obvious about the cannabis market, it’s that the future of this sector will be defined by CBD. That’s excellent news for companies like CananOne Technologies, Inc., (CSE: CNNA)(OTC:CNONF) which is pioneering the digital retail space for cannabis providers, especially when it comes to the UK market. CannaOne recently announced that it was entering into a memorandum of understanding with LevelOut UK Limited to corner the emerging UK CBD market, which like most of its Western counterparts is set for explosive growth in the future.

While many investors who throw their money behind cannabis stocks are only familiar with traditional cannabis and medicinal marijuana, more and more pot stocks are becoming centered around CBD. Unlike THC-infused cannabis, CBD products don’t produce psychoactive effects that generate a “high” in users, but are rather more popular as a medical treatment, sleep assistant, or recovery booster amongst athletes and patients. The CBD market around the world is set to keep blossoming for the foreseeable future, and the UK is no exception; one report indicates that the CBD market in the UK could easily outpace others across Europe, especially if companies like CannaOne follow through on their pledges to provide easily-accessible CBD products to hungry consumers.

Introducing popular American products on the other side of the pond will doubtlessly help propel the Canadian-based CannaOne to new heights, especially as early investors in the company come to realize its true international appeal and double down on their early investments. Cannabis enterprises like CannaOne are uniquely situated to enjoy robust levels of growth seldom seen in other industries, especially as legal prohibition grows less and less common across the developed world amidst changing public opinion when it comes to marijuana.

CannaOne has already said that its joint venture with LevelOut UK should be ready by the end of 2020, and investors could be seeing results by the end of the first quarter of that year if things go well. You should thus expect CannaOne to perform fairly well in the near-future, especially as this news disseminates and the company’s growing corner on the European and UK CBD market grows more obvious to other market actors.

The Mexican market is calling

Besides reaching out to the UK marketplace, CannaOne is also poised for additional growth thanks to the fact that the Mexican marketplace is calling for its services now, too. An online CBD marketplace in Mexico is quickly becoming a reality thanks to CannaOne’s joint venture with Manna Health Services, even though Mexican officials have been hesitant to embrace cannabis for some time. The fact that Mexican lawmakers are now more eager to tackle marijuana legalization these days than ever before is surely going to put some wind into the company’s sails as time goes on.

CannaOne has also announced an interesting acquisition that could supercharge the company’s prospects once investors realize that this likely won’t be the last time CannaOne scoops up a competitor to add it to its budding business empire. The annual corporate update provided by company officials is certainly worth reviewing in-depth if you’re interested in CannaOne’s stock, as the myriad of opportunities laid out by company officials is almost too mouth-watering to handle. Corporate PR aside, it’s clear to see that CannaOne is well-situated to prosper as the CBD market matures before the recreational and medicinal marijuana market takes full shape elsewhere.

The cannabis industry may be struggling right now, but investors should keep a close watch on CannaOne Technologies, which enjoys unparalleled opportunities pertaining to foreign CBD markets and the future of marijuana.

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