Cannabis Culture in the Hands of Silicon Valley

Stephen L Kanaval |

Bio-technologists, data analysts, industrial engineers, and, god forbid, software developers—these are the people who will be selling you marijuana in the future. The cannabis delivery system of the future will vaporize on impact and hit like a damn sledgehammer. As a matter of fact, your vaporizer will be stylish, aerodynamic, and will probably get you cool points.

Tilray is a medical marijuana company that touts its high-potency cannabis. The tingle you get in your nose when you smell ginger and jasmine is also identifiable in marijuana. Tilray has isolated that terpene called trans-nerolidol. They tease and massage the trans-nerolidol until they get funky strains like Island Sweet Skunk and Skywalker OG. If you go on their websites they have the strains broken down into chemical ratios and have done field tests on each strain of sativa.In San Fransico, one of the most tech-saavy dispensaries is SPARC. The dispensary runs tests with LED lights and tests chemical levels based on mixing light spectrum variations. The Silicon Valley group, Focus Product Design, also makes a portable vaporizer called the Uptoke Spyre. Just to get an idea, Focus Products also created a steering wheel for Audi and a robotic radiosurgery arm. So, you know this vaporizer is top notch.

Now, how would you go about finding a distributor? What about the tech start-up Eaze. Eaze is an app that connects medical marijuana users to distributors in California. It is the Grubhub of weed. There is also, owned by Privateer Holdings (backed by Founders Fund), which acts as a kind of chat room and information center for marijuana smokers. But, wait, do you have a problem getting a medical marijuana prescription? Meadow is a recent start-up that makes it easy for you to get a medical marijuana card. The process is expedited and fluid.

The point is that cannabis culture will soon not be a counter-culture. The political barriers will crumble under capitalist pressure (As long as Chris Christie is not elected) and a gold rush of cannabis startups will flood the market. I think it would be smart to invest ahead of the crowd.

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