Can You Automate Customer Service?

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Good businesses are obsessed with serving customers and increasing market share. As management guru Peter Drucker said, "Business is other people's money." Which implies that managers must satisfy (or exceed) customers' expectations in order to acquire sales.

Moreover, customer engagement is key to taking your company to the next level.

Unfortunately, there are a ton of online channels with which to engage the marketplace, and that can throw a wrench into anyone's marketing efforts. The immensity of the social ecosystem makes it crucial to identify the appropriate channels and strategy to engage your audience.

Consider that there are over one billion active members on Facebook. Then there's all those Twitter updates to publish, and all that multimedia on Instagram.

There's a second obstacle: Attention spans are becoming scarce, and more companies than ever are fighting to get people to "lend them their ears." Consumers are bombarded by noise — and that's just life in the digital age. Banners, digital ads, email spam, sponsored content, and other promotional messages are quickly deleted as distractions.

Still, engagement is crucial.

When you successfully engage prospects and customers, your message stops being classified as noise. These individuals are interacting with your business because they have an unsatisfied need and are looking to fulfill it through your product or service.

There's a key trend that'll help your business make that happen: automation.

With digital channels, chatbots can be a cost-efficient way to interact with an audience. The tech has also come a long way. These days, interface conversations can be supported by artificial intelligence (AI), neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and advanced neural tech that give bots several approaches when interacting with your audience.

In other words, chatbots can actually facilitate smart engagement.

The above innovations are helping chat systems identify which messages and tasks are appropriate for the situation at hand. Aside from engagement, chatbots can perform specific actions to assist customers, and that can save the day during after-hours, or when your employees are out for lunch. That'll keep them from going to your competitors.

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VividTech is developing chatbots and digital interactive voice response (IVRs) for large enterprises, and the firm sees opportunity in these innovations as the Web 3.0 economy becomes more automated. CEO Omer Khan, who has 15 years of experience in customer-service solutions, tells "Chatbots and IVRs are here to stay and they'll get more sophisticated as AI, NLP and neural tech grow more sophisticated. Engagement is gradually moving towards automation."

The firm's offerings let enterprises upgrade their customer interface to state-of-the-art chatbots and IVRs. In some cases, these can replace traditional customer service lines. According to the firm, the open rates for chatbot messages are exponentially higher compared to other mediums. That makes it potentially attractive to marketers.

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