BVT Aims to Make 2016 The Year of the Bee

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Agriculture is currently experiencing a modern revolution. Due to backlash from their negative affects to the environment and health risks for consumers and agricultural labor, the industry is beginning to look for natural solution to chemical pesticides. The solution, surprisingly, could rest on the wings of a commonly feared insect.

Believe it or not, bees are our friends, not foes. Bees come into contact with 70% of everything that we eat and are used for pollination in 99% of greenhouses. Eighty-seven of the world's 115 most vital crops require pollination to produce fruits, nuts and seeds. In short, a thriving bee population means a thriving food source. Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc (TSX-V: BEE), a development-stage company, is harnessing the power of the bee to provide a natural solution to an industry-wide problem.

The Power of Nature

Based in Canada, Bee Vectoring Technologies specializes in the delivery of required compounds to flowering plants and owns a patent-pending bee vectoring technology. Through their inoculum dispenser system, where bees are used to deliver natural biocontrol agents and fungal pathogens to flowering plants, Bee Vectoring is harnessing the power of nature to revolutionize the agricultural industry.

BVT's inoculum dispenser system is incorporated into the lid of commercial bumblebee hives. The dispenser is a removable tray that contains a powdered form of the inoculant crop control and a mixture of products that allows the bees to pick up the product on their way out of the hive. When the bees come into contact with the flowers, they deposit a tiny amount of Vectorite powder, a proprietary mixture of products, on every plant that they visit, which is about 10 flowers every minute.

“Chemical pesticides lose their efficacy as the pathogens become immune to their properties, just like humans and the antibiotics. Biologicals don’t have the same issues,” said Michael Collinson, President, CEO, and Chairman of Bee Vectoring Technologies.“The BVT process is a lot less expensive, more efficient, uses substantially less product, is more environmentally friendly, and definitely represents the leading edge of where agriculture is going. BVT has the ability to “stack” multiple pathogens controls into their unique patent pending systems thereby delivering controls throughout a bloom period as opposed to spraying once or twice during the same period. Naturally perfect.”

Without bees, the $3 trillion agricultural produce market would crumble. Therefore, protecting this market, which has a growth rate of 16% every year, has created the need for biocontrol products.

“This is probably one of the more exciting areas inside agricultural sector right now,” said Collinson. “Pesticides are a $70 or $80 billion industry and Biologicals are growing at a rate of 18% year-over-year, making it one of the fastest growing segments in the industry. This is the area where companies are paying the most attention. The cost to deliver a new product today or develop a new pesticide is in excess of $250 million.”

A Landmark Year

Last year was defined by milestones for BVT. Some operational highlights include:

  • Receiving $1.6 million in subscription commitments.
  • Bringing on Ashish Malik as an Independent Advisor to the Company.
  • Adding Dr.Claude Fluekiger to the board of directors and the management team.
  • Bee Vectoring now listed on OTCQB under the symbol “BEVVF.”
  • Began trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol "BEE."

Furthermore, this past October, BVT opened the doors of its Ontario-based, 7000-square-foot state-of-the-art production and research facility. Within this new facility, BVT will have the ability to manufacture up to $100 Million worth of products annually to be used within its crop protection and delivery systems.

“This is a major milestone in the commercialization of a solution that has the potential to fundamentally alter how pests and diseases are controlled in the fruit and vegetables we eat,” said Collinson. “We are fortunate to have a world class team that has developed this solution. We now have a world class facility that will enable us to scale rapidly and take advantage of significant business development opportunities we are seeing, for a disruptive solution like BVT’s in the national and global food growing industry.”

The Year of the Bee

In an increasingly green-minded and health conscious society, the natural way best way. Moving forward into the new year, Bee Vectoring Technologies is positioned to provide, arguably, the best alternative to chemical pesticides that also has incredible market potential.

“BVT's technology is a unique solution,” said Claude Flueckiger, BVT Board Member & Syngenta Global Product Biology Lawn & Garden Lead, “which has major market appeal as it directly addresses the rapidly escalating needs of global organic and other growers for biological crop protection."

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