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Blow & Drive (BDIC) CEO Expects Growth and Expansion in a Letter to Shareholders

BLOW & DRIVE INTERLOCK CORP. (OTCQB: BDIC) launches over 1000 New Ignition Interlock Devices to start 2017. Monthly Recurring Revenue Expected to Double.

BLOW & DRIVE INTERLOCK CORP. (OTCQB: BDIC) launches over 1000 New Ignition Interlock Devices to start 2017. Monthly Recurring Revenue Expected to Double.

Dear BDIC Shareholders;

Every New Year a company should reflect on the developments of the past year, and set ambitious goals for the coming year ahead. I am pleased to say that 2016 was a year of major growth and tremendous progress for the Company. We believe that the last two quarters of 2016 have uniquely positioned the Company and the brand for long-term success.

I would first like to thank all of our shareholders for their continued support of the Company. We greatly appreciate the confidence you place in BDIC’s business model, management, and mission. As we move forward, I believe we will continue to capitalize on our momentum and create increased shareholder value especially from our planned expansion into more states and the opening of additional service centers.

We look forward to 2017 and developing more successful relationships with our distributors, shareholders, partners, and associates. BDIC is off to a strong start in 2017 adding an additional 1000 new interlocks to our monthly recurring revenue.

BDIC’s Significant Achievements in 2016

January 2016 – Arizona DOT & Motor Vehicle Services adds Blow & Drive Interlock Corp. to its list of authorized companies approved to install & monitor Ignition Interlock devices.…

February 2016 – BDIC Announces Production of 1000 New Interlock Devices

March 2016 – BDIC Welcomes Adds Distributor in Houston, TX- Blow & Drive of Houston

April 2016 – BDIC Approved by Kansas Department of Revenue

May 2016 – Earned Revenues Increase Nearly 70% over Previous Quarter.

June 2016 – NY State Division of Criminal Justice Services Awards BDIC 3-Year Contract

June 2016 – Nevada State Testing Begins on BDIC’s Ignition Interlock

August 2016 Pennsylvania adds Blow & Drive Interlock Corp. to its list of authorized companies approved to install & monitor Ignition Interlock devices.

August 2016 BDIC Q2 Revenues Up 146% Company Posts 4 Straight Quarters of Increasing Sales Growth

September 2016 – BDIC Announces Production of 1600 New Interlock Devices

October 2016 – BDIC Adds California Distributor & Quadruples Market Share

November 2016 – Institutional Investor Doheny Group to Fund Production of 2,200 Interlocks

December 2016 – Blow & Drive Adds Distributor in Washington State.

Overview of 2017 Goals and Milestones

2017 will be a busy year for BDIC. Expect to see Blow & Drive Interlock expand into new States while growing our sale of interlock leases both direct to the offender and through our multiple state distributors.

Blow & Drive Interlock continues to position itself as a developer and market leader of ignition interlock devices and criminal offender monitoring equipment.

In 2017 BDIC is focused on delivering the following objectives:

Increase our corporate operations and market share with an additional 100 new authorized service centers throughout the U.S

Completing development & production of a Marijuana Ignition Interlock.

Produce & Lease 10,000 new interlocks

Launching our Interlock Monitoring Services in Additional States within the US & Canada.

Turning cash flow positive.

Generating positive reportable net income.

Creating a board of directors with industry expertise.

Seeking up to an additional $10-$20 million in investment capital.

Introducing the market to our Alcohol Home Monitoring concept.

Target and Acquire at least 1 Private Company with at least $3,000,000 in EBITA.

In closing, we believe that with our superior equipment, excellent customer relations and additional service centers we are uniquely positioned to acquire a larger percentage of the ignition interlock industry’s market share. Again, we thank all our shareholders for their continued support and look forward to an exciting and prosperous 2017.


Laurence Wainer

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