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Blow and Drive’s CEO Wainer Looks to Update Important Law Enforcement Device

Blow and Drive's CEO Laurence Wainer speaks with Business Rockstars about their state-of-the-art wireless ignition interlock device, breath-alcohol testing device.

Blow and Drive Interlock Corp. (BDIC) has gained serious momentum since the start of 2017. The criminal offender monitoring company that manufactures automotive breath alcohol ignition interlock devices started the year with 1,000 newly produced devices. Every state requires interlock devices and BDIC is currently licensed to operate in 11 and just this month announced that it would be providing devices to the Texas Probation Community Supervision and Corrections Department in Denton County Texas. There is incredible demand for this product and BDIC is working rapidly to meet demands and start monetizing in each state.

CEO Wainer Talks About Updating This Important Industry

Laurence Wainer, CEO of BDIC, was interviewed on Business Rockstars recently and talked about the company’s focus on updating this lifesaving device and bringing the industry into the 21st Century.

“In this business, a state-of-the-art breath alcohol ignition interlock device is not so much a concern of the consumer, although consumers drive sales, it is more of a function of the people who are in the industry – judges, parole officers, law officers, the Department of Motor Vehicles – whoever you are doing the reporting to, as well as the people who deal with these devices on a daily basis,” Wainer explained. “The distributors who have been working in the business for many years have been working with old and ancient equipment.”

Wainer went on to add, “Our plan is to go in there and flip those distributors over to our device. This way we put 600 or 1,600 units in the market overnight as opposed to one criminal offender at a time that would take years and years to do.” Wainer gave an even deeper view of the interlock ignition industry and how far ahead BDIC is in comparison.

“Most of our competitors are using devices that were manufactured before ‘Bluetooth’ was even a word in the English language. Our device is so much more modern…it’s wireless, it has GPS technology, it has camera technology.”

States around the country now realize their devices are behind the times and are looking to upgrade. BDIC represents a solution that can provide real-time data to law enforcement, which could save lives. There are few devices that can offer this level of innovation. “We have a better machine that is reaching modern requirements that states are changing their laws to,” Wainer said. “Five years ago, no state required a camera to determine that the person blowing is actually the person who has this conviction…States are going to camera technology. Some of our competitors, their device does not have the ability to do that.”

Looking Forward to an Exciting 2017

Blow and Drive also has a simple and straightforward business model. They lease their breathalyzer devices to the offender on a monthly basis. The company collects revenues and fees on each device until the offender is discharged from the corresponding program by the state agency.

Last year saw BDIC achieve some important milestones. They added a distributor in Houston, received approval by the Kansas Department of Revenue, revenues increased nearly 70%, won a three-year contract with the NY State Division of Criminal Justice Services, added Pennsylvania, California and Washington to its distribution list and worked with the Doheny Group to fund 2,200 new interlock devices.

2017 looks to be just as exciting as BDIC plans to expand into more states and complete development of its Marijuana Ignition Interlock. This device could see huge demand as more law enforcement departments implement “Drive High and Get a DUI” campaigns.

In a previous interview with Equities in December of last year, Wainer said about the upcoming Marijuana Interlock device, “We are closely monitoring the legislative and technological advancements with this; we are ahead of the curve and have our finger on the pulse.”

The company’s superior equipment is undeniable and as more and more states look to update these lifesaving devices, Blow and Drive will continue to grow.

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