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Not very long ago, blockchain technology was considered to be a bubble bound to burst. Contrary to those “popular” beliefs, blockchain technology now finds application in improving government efficiency, preventing voter fraud and refugee crises among other notable uses. It has now found an avenue in the vegan world, and promises to embody a huge change and influence a new vegan economy. Of the many blockchain powered vegan ventures to look out for, one of its newest and most noteworthy projects – VeganNation.

VeganNation Financial Services Ltd. is an Israel based, fully functioning ecosystem uniting people, organizations and businesses, empowering them to discover, purchase and share all things vegan. Its CEO, Isaac Thomas, raised $10 million for its Vegan Global Marketplace in August, 2019. With over 300 million vegans the world over, its goal is to encourage vegans to experience the joy of maintaining a healthy diet, while empowering them economically at the same time.

Being against all practices that lead to animal cruelty, the platform is ready to be launched and is available as a webapp, on iOS and Android. They have roped in several business partners for their marketplace, hence allowing businesses to put themselves on a bigger platform and sell to a bigger audience. Joining the marketplace as a vendor is free of cost.

2019 has been declared ‘The Year of the Vegan’, and there is a consistent growth in the number of people embracing vegan diets. VeganNation is a one-stop-shop that enables the vegan community to buy vegan products and share food via its own traceable cryptocurrency, VeganCoin (VCN). The first-ever fully vegan economy, VeganCoin is built on underlying Ethereum technology. It is a utility coin in nature, and the VeganNation team has built a business around it to ensure its value, akin to that of a security token, hence promoting a healthy lifestyle, while possibly earning on the go with an increase in its value over time.

A long list of partner organizations, and vegan influences have been roped into the Vegan Global Marketplace, to provide for their services while accepting the use of VeganCoin for payment and all ensuing transactions. Some noteworthy organizations for the same include The Sea Shepard Conservation Society, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as well as several notable vegan societies in Brazil, Britain, Germany, South Africa and Spain.

VeganNation has also brought on-board to their advisory team celebrity vegan activists Jenna Dewan and Jerome Flynn. Recently, they announced partnerships with four Brazilian football teams in the quest to work together on projects to protect the Amazon rainforest.

Vendors are left at ease when selling their products and services as the business model revolves around established organizations and vegan vendors, ensuring market stability. All transactions take place online, while the only acceptable transaction metric is VegaCoin.

An established community based on vegan products and services could lead to a flourishing vegan economy in this marketplace in the near future, which in turn would financially empower all those investing in the cryptocurrency, or being a part of the vegan revolution.

The components of the marketplace include:

The world being a smaller place with the increasing advent in technology, VeganNation should prove to be an interesting opportunity, and establish an economy-based marketplace specifically for vegans. Putting veganism on blockchain provides for a potentially sustainable curve of financial growth as well as promoting the vegan community at large to further maintain a healthy lifestyle, interact with other vegans and share information about the latest happenings in the vegan world.

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This is an chance for small and large scale businesses to interact with a larger audience and sell their vegan products and services. The platform has made being a business partner free of cost, while allowing for reaping the benefits of having millions of potential customers to sell to.


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