Bitcoin Hitting New Highs Daily Ahead of Options and Futures Launch

Steve Kanaval  |

Bitcoin traded through $16,000 midday as the digital currency juggernaut defies every expectation in price and value. Many who tried to use Bitcoin as a payment tool have stepped back because the volatility is so fierce that no one can determine the value from moment to moment. Be careful what you ask for in the crypto market as the early predictions of a $50,000 Bitcoin are looking more like a reality and less like lunatic ravings. But it won't happen without a pullback. It is coming, and it will be painful for those who continue to play. The risk reward for investors is perfectly balanced; you can lose as easy as you can gain.

Any asset has a period of over valuation and under valuation, but this is a new paradigm where the price of Bitcoin leads every asset on the planet. Every market watcher is watching Bitcoin, and where it goes will determine how the US economy operates in 2018. If Bitcoin falls 50% in the Q1 2018, the US Stock Market will turn lower and cause a series of events that will get the attention of all investors.

Make no mistake. Bitcoin is the single most important asset of our lifetime.

No one can deny Bitcoin now as its price becomes the story. You will hear it in coffee shops, at restaurants, in taxis and at the shoeshine stand. Bitcoins will be the prized Holiday Gift!!!

2018 will be one of the most interesting investing years we will ever see, so strap on your seat belt and get ready for a wild ride. I also want to suggest that you take a look at the other 1,300+ digital currencies which all have their own unique story.

Oh, also keep in mind the new coin offerings - ICOs - that seem to arise every day. Additionally, digital mining is sure to be the hottest investment trend in 2018. Try not to just focus on the tiger's tail here which is Bitcoin. Leave it to the CME and the CBOE to try and figure out the implied volatility. Look at all of the cool ecosystems sprouting around Bitcoin, the myriad applications that sit on the blockchain. This is where great investments are hiding, and they all have to do with Blockchain and digital mining.

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