BioLargo (BLGO) Solving Global Issues with Iodine

Steve Kanaval |

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I meet 50 companies per year and have been interviewing hundreds of CEO’s for more than a decade. Their interests vary from vineyards to finance to technology and almost anything you can name, but the one thing they all have in common is that they articulate their company’s story better than anyone else.

I distinctly remember meeting Dennis Calvert, the CEO of BioLargo, Inc. (BLGO) more than a decade ago when I was running a TV station in Dallas and in charge of the content and production. When Dennis walked into my office I looked up and saw this imposing guy, about 6 feet 6 in height. In one hand he held a plastic container and piece of cheesecloth, in the other a tiny iodine pill. Dennis explained that in his hands he held a simple solution to some really big problems like disinfection and water treatment that makes clean water abundant and affordable. He also came armed with patents, great potential partners, and a plan to license his proprietary idea to companies large and small. That was 2006.

It’s 2015 now and I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the progress he has made. BioLargo is heating up with shares up +113% YTD as I write on increased trading volume. After almost 10 years, I learned that Dennis and his science guy, Ken Code, have developed their technology to a point where it is now ready for commercialization. This is a great ongoing story for small business owners and is reflective of the road less traveled when a CEO has the stones to stick with his convictions.

I am happy to say that Dennis not only survived the equity meltdown of 2008 and the subsequent 2009 flushing of all stocks. Dennis is a convincing leader who is on a mission because he knows that Biolargo really can make life better for millions of people.

BioLargo designs and delivers disinfectant iodine in a number of applications, including the AOS Filter, CupriDyne, and the Isan system as a solution to disinfection with unsurpassed odor and moisture control and wound healing.

BioLargo markets its products under the Odor-No-More, Natures Best Solution, Deodorall, and NBS brand names primarily through retail stores. The company serves food processing, agriculture, oil and gas, mining, and maritime industries. BioLargo, was founded in 1989 and is based in Santa Ana, California.

I have been following BioLargo for many years and watched shares go up and down like all stocks do, but I do not think in the time I've been looking at them that they have ever been in a more opportune position than they are now for shareholders new and old.

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