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Best Day Trading Stocks of 2019

Day trading requires making informed investment decisions to gain quick profits.
Alex Hamilton is a regular contributor to numerous news sites.
Alex Hamilton is a regular contributor to numerous news sites.

Day trading refers to buying and selling stocks before the market closes daily. Day trading requires making informed investment decisions to gain quick profits. Day trading presents more risk too, so it is important for investors to research stocks before entering the market. Tradenet and similar trading academies advise on choosing stocks with high volume and that experience plenty of movement each day.

Best Day Trading Stocks

The best day trading stocks will have a daily volume of at least one million. In fact, many day traders prefer stocks with volume upwards of three million. Another key aspect of good day trading stocks is volatile movement. Stocks with little movement are better for those looking to build a long-term investment portfolio. Stocks for day trading will move by at least 0.5 percent daily. Beta is a tool used to determine a stock’s volatility. A stock with a Beta below -1 or above 1 s considered volatile on the market.

Stocks based in the United States are considered a good option for day traders due to their high-volume numbers. Popular choices for day trading because of their high volume include Apple, Microsoft, and Ford. Facebook, Google, S and P, and Tesla offer both volume and volatility. In the United Kingdom, day trading stocks that are popular with investors include Barclays, BP, and Lloyds Bank.

Best Day Trading Stocks 2019

In 2019, day traders are looking for stocks with attractive performance records. High volatility and high volume coupled with low prices will present the ideal investment opportunity. Day traders looking for big returns in 2019 may also choose high price stocks with high volume and high volatility. Depending on the price of the stock, a moderate amount of volatility could still guarantee earnings. Penny stocks are an option for investors, but research is required. In 2019, Tradenet’s Day Trading Academy recommends the following penny stocks as having solid performance potential:

  • Mid-Con Energy Partners
  • Arotech Corporation
  • Americas Silver Corporation

The best day trading stocks 2019 that are found on the NYSE include J.C. Penney, Morgan Stanley, Sprint, and Regions Financial. These companies average 15 million shares traded daily and will move as much as 5 percent on the market before the next trading day.

The best day trading stocks 2019 will also include international holdings. Alibaba Group Holding Limited is an online marketplace based out of the People’s Republic of China that trades an average of 21 million shares each day. Nokia, originally based in China, but now located in Finland, averages 20 million shares and moves an average of 2.5 percent each day.

For beginners, Tradenet recommends developing an investment strategy. Day trading requires several hours daily for success with capital set aside that can be risked. Throughout the year, stocks fluctuate, so it’s important to check into places like the Day Trading Chat Room for updates.

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