Best Affiliate Programs and Ad Networks for Beginners

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Looking to get into the affiliate marketing game? It’s easier than ever to get started, but unfortunately, you must also be more careful than ever, too – the market is quite competitive, and making a few mistakes can quickly lead to disappointment. One of the most important points you’ll want to consider is which affiliate networks you’re going to use, and there’s certainly no shortage of options in this category.

1) Affiliate2Day

A more specialized affiliate program that focuses primarily on dating traffic, Affiliate2Day is a network with 10 years’ history worth exploring if you feel like you have a knack for this type of content. Their support staff is very friendly and welcoming to new partners as well, making them a top choice for beginners. Dating services are hotter than ever today (no pun intended), and their popularity is not likely to go down anytime soon, making this an attractive opportunity to score some good money if you know what you’re doing.

2) Bitcoin IRA

Cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more popularity on the financial market, and it’s no surprise that they have managed to find a place in affiliate marketing as well. Bitcoin IRA has an affiliate program that allows you to refer US-based clients willing to invest into the platform. It’s a bit more complicated than traditional affiliate networks, but the long-term results can definitely be worth it for those who know how to push to the right audience.

3) Amazon Associates

Amazon’s affiliate program has gained major popularity recently, and it keeps getting stronger and stronger on a regular basis. The flexibility and overall presentation are major drawing factors for a large number of affiliates, and the program has been gaining a lot of traction in recent times. One of the great things about Amazon’s system is that it can reward leads that generate any kind of sale, not just a sale of the product that you were advertising in the first place.

4) eBay

While it’s not the primary choice for some affiliate marketers, eBay’s affiliate program has been growing more and more popular. The site offers a huge selection of products and it’s become a household name at this point, giving marketers that represent it a lot of potential leverage. It’s also more unique compared to other online marketplaces, which can create some interesting opportunities for unusual marketing strategies.

5) Rakuten

Another affiliate network that went through a rebranding, Rakuten used to be known as Today, it’s one of the biggest affiliate networks on the market, with dozens of thousands of products and millions of customers. The company keeps investing in new platforms as well, and they’re slowly taking over some of their respective markets by storm.

6) FlexOffers

A great network with a large selection of partners to pick from, FlexOffers have a long-running history in affiliate marketing. They’ve gone through some serious changes over time, but in the end, they’ve retained their ability to adapt to changing market trends. The company can be a great partner to those with more serious intentions, but make sure that you’ve developed at least some idea about your campaign before approaching them.

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