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Beleave (BLEVF) Appoints New Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wnek

Beleave Inc. (BE:CNX) (BLEVF) has appointed Andrew Wnek chief executive officer.

Beleave Inc. (BE:CNX) (BLEVF) has appointed Andrew Wnek chief executive officer. Roger Ferreira, the former chief executive officer, is now chief science officer.

“I am excited to join Beleave as chief executive officer. The organization has an outstanding management team and is well positioned to have an impact on the cannabis market with expected changes to government legislation and our continued focus on innovation, scientific research and the production of high quality product,” commented Mr. Wnek. “I would like to thank Roger for his excellent leadership to date. His appointment to chief science officer reflects the organization’s commitment to expanding how cannabis can positively affect consumers by delivering a diverse product offering.”

Mr. Wnek is a senior executive with significant retail, real estate, oil and gas and not for profit industry experience. He has held senior finance roles with Canadian Tire Corporation including a role as the Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration in a twenty-one-year career. With Canadian Tire he also served as the Chief Information Officer for over seven years and was appointed as an officer, serving over ten years. Mr. Wnek has also held roles as the National CFO for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and more recently acted as interim Chief Financial Officer for the Canadian Cancer Society leading a major cost restructuring. Mr. Wnek has led finance and technology operations, major large company projects and transformational change and governance initiatives. He has extensive experience working with company boards, serving on several including as Finance Chair for six years with the Royal Conservatory of Music and as the Audit Committee Chair for Momentum, a technology service provider. Currently Mr. Wnek sits on the Beleave board and will remain a member.

“We are extremely proud to be welcoming Mr. Wnek to our executive management team, and look to him for vision and leadership that he will bring to the future growth of Beleave,” commented Chief Science Officer and former CEO, Roger Ferreira.

Dr. Ferreira is one of the co-founders and will remain a director of Beleave, having been part of the leadership team responsible for the acquisition of the company’s license to cultivate medicinal cannabis pursuant to the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). Importantly, Dr. Ferreira has helped position Beleave as a leader in cannabis research and innovation, and has led the company’s initiatives in cannabis genetics and extraction. This work is bringing longstanding impact to Beleave’s cultivation and production practices, and future product and method IP portfolio. Moving forward in his capacity as director and Chief Science Officer, Ferreira looks forward to playing an important role in the company’s acquisition of its sales license, and driving forward with future phases of Beleave product research and development.

Dr. Ferreira commented, “I am pleased to focus my efforts as the Company’s Chief Science Officer, as in the coming years, we are gearing up for some exciting new work in cannabinoid food and drug delivery systems to accompany our extraction IP. We plan to further our work in drug development for the current medicinal market, as well as for food development for the upcoming adult recreational market.”

About Beleave Inc.

Beleave is a biotech company and Beleave’s wholly-owned subsidiary Beleave Kannabis Corp. (formerly First Access Medical Inc.) is a licensed producer pursuant to the ACMPR. Beleave’s purpose-built facility is located near Hamilton, Ontario.

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