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AT&T is Launching a New Streaming Service with a Sneaky Pricetag

AT&T is launching a new streaming service primarily powered by Google.

Source: AT&T

AT&T is launching a new streaming service primarily powered by Google. This new service will be called AT&T TV, a separate service from AT&T TV Now (formerly DirecTV Now). AT&T has been testing the service in 13 markets and is now making it available to anyone.

Early details on the new streaming service pointed out the price. AT&T TV has three price tiers: Entertainment for $50, Choice for $55, and Xtra for $65 per month, but those prices are contingent upon a two-year agreement and only apply to the first year of service, after which those prices can double to up to $93 for Entertainment, $110 for Choice, and $142 for Xtra. Those prices are before the additional monthly add-on fee of $8 for regional sports with the Choice and Xtra plans.

AT&T will mail subscribers an Android streaming-TV box to use the service. With Google Assistant built into the product’s remote, the idea is that users can easily switch between live television streamed over the internet, and their various other apps like Netflix, Starz, Disney+, YouTube, etc.

Unlike DirecTV, the service won’t allow you to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket, but HBO is included with all packages, and customers will be upgraded to HBO Max at no additional charge when that service launches in May.

The box is cloud-based, according to Gizmodo and CNET, offering 500 hours of DVR cloud storage with unlimited simultaneous recording.


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