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Asian Investors Embrace Forex Investing Strategies

Savvy investors in Asia are turning to Forex for a portfolio boost...

Via perfectfitsolutions & moerschy

Faced with geopolitical tensions in the Korean Peninsula, Chinese sanctions and financial uncertainty resulting from currency fluctuations and geopolitical chaos, it’s no wonder that savvy Asian investors are turning to Forex strategies for a portfolio boost. Indeed, we saw a 10-fold increase in the number of investors from the region in 1Q2017… and the momentum continues.

The importance of Asia to the global economy is paramount, since Asia continues to be a major contributor to global growth. The International Monetary Fund predicts that Asia’s economic expansion will exceed 5% in 2017 and 2018, compared with about 3.5% for the world. In spite of this growth, however, the region continues to experience massive debt nearly 20 years after the Asian financial crisis.

Similar scenarios seem to be rearing their head in various countries throughout the region. Bloomberg recently reported that in China, total debt in 2016 was approximately 258% of the economy’s total size, which is up from 158% in 2005. President Xi Jinping wants to slow down excessive credit and leverage, which will become a key priority – albeit a slow-moving one for an economy and nation as large as China. Japan’s debt is more than 2.5 times as large as its economy and seemingly has no potential of slowing down in the foreseeable future in spite of the fact that the country does maintain significant overseas investments as well as maintains substantial domestic assets. Only Southeast Asian countries have relatively low debt but even those areas are reeling from the pressure of leverage. These are the true emerging markets of the region.

In the face of uncertainty coupled with the natural desire to preserve and/or grow such immense newfound wealth, there is no shortage of money managers and/or investment products available to Asian investors. However, and non-uniquely, these avenues are not providing the returns that most investors are seeking. Sound familiar? Fortunately, “it’s a small world after all”, and the ease of turning to offshore investment opportunities is easier than in the past. These factors appear to be the catalyst for mounting interest in Forex strategies such as those offered by Mediatrix Capital.

Consider also the fact that Asia’s population is one of the most tech savvy in the world, with more people logging onto the internet than anywhere else in the world. It’s not surprising that they embrace the use of advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms, as an ideal way to add value to an investment portfolio. Mediatrix Capital is just one of the top tier Forex trade managers poised to benefit Asian investors via advanced technology. This technology, combined with the necessity of monitoring world events and adapting accordingly, is a win-win scenario. Indeed, it is impressive to note that recent advances in artificial intelligence and algorithmic approaches have resulted in the growth of Forex trading to the tune of about $5.3 trillion a day.

When evaluating Forex managers it is essential to ask whether the strategy uses proprietary artificial intelligence and algorithmic approaches that incorporate overlay and absolute return strategies to trade in the FX Spot Markets. Mediatrix Capital’s systems, for example, can concurrently trade a combination of 34 currency and precious metal pairs by first selecting the highest probability of market direction to yield profitable trades. By employing the strongest automated defensive strategies found anywhere in the world, these and multiple layered distinctive methodologies have proven to achieve stellar returns for over 40 months consistently.

The bottom line is that Next Generation algorithmic trading is a great way to augment performance and safely navigate market volatility. Indeed, high yielding niches in the gold, silver and currency spot markets are now more sought after than ever with investors seeking strong returns to make up for broad based losses or anemic portfolio growth. We expect to continue seeing heightened interest around the world as investors discover dynamic Forex strategies. It is the single largest market in the world, and one that a great many people have still not heard about.

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