Are Micro-Cap Stocks More Immune to Market Crashes and Recessions?

Michael Markowski  |

The share prices of micro-cap companies (market capitalizations below $100 million) are uniquely positioned to appreciate significantly or multiply during extended periods of overall stock market declines and economic recessions. This is possible because companies that receive micro-cap valuations have one or both of the following common denominators:

  • Annualized revenue of less than $10 million.
  • Weak balance sheets.

Because micro-cap companies have low revenue bases and minimal assets, the fortunes of a company meeting the criterion of a micro-cap can turn very quickly. This can happen upon the company entering into a favorable contract or receiving a significant infusion of cash from a financing. Either of these events occurring could result in a small company’s revenue and profits increasing exponentially. It is much easier, and thus more rapid for a company that has revenue of $10 million or less to grow to $20 million (a growth rate of 100%), than it is for a company that has $1 billion in revenue to grow to $2 billion.

Research, conducted at the beginning of my 40-year career, enabled me to conclude that there was a mathematical correlation between a multiple increase in a company’s annual revenue and a multiple increase in its market capitalization — or share price. My 3 minute 59 second video interview below by SCN’s Jane King entitled, “Markowski, Visionary Analyst 1 of 5” provides details about how I discovered the mathematical correlation.

As an investment banker who specialized in financing micro-cap companies, I was able to gain practical experience regarding the mathematical correlation between a company’s revenue growth rate and share price appreciation. The research report and 2 minute and 57 second video below entitled, “Markowski, Visionary Analyst 2 of 5” provides details about my financing a micro-cap company when it was generating less than $10 million in revenue. The revenue of the company has since grown to more than $500 million and its share price has multiplied.

My passion is to be the first to discover a stock that has the potential to multiple by 10 times and become a ten bagger. During May of 2016, for the first time in my 40 year career, I launched an investment letter which is focused on finding these types of high risk and high reward companies. To obtain a free 30 day trial to my newsletter which includes my first four recommendations visit The video below explains how I found two of these companies. The share prices of both of them multiplied by at least 20 times within 5 years.

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