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Another Test for the Bulls

Monday,  September  22 , 2014     9:13 a.m.  BEFORE the OPEN

MondaySeptember  22 , 2014     9:13 a.m.  BEFORE the OPEN


Daily:Boiling down fundamental, technical, economic,

monetary, fiscal, psychological, and seasonal data into a quick read.


   Within five weeks the stock market will cross the threshold of the “Best Six Months” for owning stocks (November 1 to May 1).*

   While the business of buying stocks aggressively by institutions tends to start in the fall, the November 1 to May 1 period  that has been targeted for studies by the Stock Trader’s Almanac going back to 1950 has the best record.

   With some exceptions, this six months’ stock performance is superior to the May 1 to November 1 period.

   But 2014 has been one of the exceptions with the DJIA  currently up 4.2%. Since last November 1, the DJIA is up 11.2%.

    Is a correction overdue ?

    Clearly not if you look at the economy, which appears to be gaining traction. And, depending on who you ask, stocks are reasonably valued. The Fed has promised to keep interest rates low for a considerable time (!), and where else can one invest money ?

    Few in the Street will question the possibility of a minor 3% correction, but a more severe correction (8% – 12%) is out of the question. It would catch the Street totally by surprise.

    That is one reason whyinvestors should be aware it could happen. A minorcorrection can turn into a more severe one if new negatives hit the market along the way.


   Pre-market trading indicates a lower open with minor support at DJIA 17,220; S&P 500: 2,003; Nasdaq Comp.: 4,551.

   If we are going to get a more severe correction, support will have to be broken  in the area of DJIA 17,000; S&P 500: 1,980; Nasdaq Comp.: 4,500.  That’s tough support. Failure to hold there would be a bad sign.

Investor’s first readDaily edge before the open

DJIA: 17,279

S&P 500: 2,010

Nasdaq  Comp.:4,610     

Russell 2000: 1,146


THE FED: No  more  Yellen press conferences until Dec. 17

The Street wanted clarification on the Fed’s interpretation of interest rates remaining low for a “considerable time,” a term used since last March. They got it Last Wednesday when Fed Chief Janet Yellen emphasized that rates are unlikely to rise quickly as the economy continues to improve, saying, “Even after employment and inflation are near mandate-consistent levels, economic conditions may for some time warrant keeping the target federal funds rate below levels the committee views as normal in the longer run.”

   The Fed projects a rise in the Federal Funds rate to 1.375 by the end of 2015




   Ukraine/Russia – quiet for now, but has the potential to get uglier.

   ISIS/Iraq/Syria – A Euro/Mid-East coalition is forming to counter ISIL’s territory and influence quest.

    This can get uglier than ugly where it is now. The possibility of a major war resulting must be considered.



    Big week for economic reports.   For detailed analysis of both the U.S. and Foreign economies along with charts, go Also included is an explanation of each indicator. If you want to know when the next Employment report or any other key report will be released that info is also there under “event release date.”


Existing Home Sales (10:00):


FHFA House Price Ix (9:00):

PMI Mfg. Ix. (9:45):

Richmond Fed Mfg. Ix. (10:00):

State Street Investor Confidence Ix (10:00):


MBA Mtge Purchase/Refi Ix.(7:00):

New Home Sales (10:00):



Durable Goods (8:30):

PMI Svcs flash Ix. (9:45):

Kansas City Fed Mfg Ix (11:00)


GDP (8:30):

Corporate Profits (8:30):

Consumer Sentiment (9:55):



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