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AnalytixInsight Announces New Mobile Partnership

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Dec. 2, 2014) - Company Forms Partnership To Pre-load Mobile App Marketwall with MiiA Potential for Expanded User Base and Additional Subscription Revenues Big data

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Dec. 2, 2014) –

  • Company Forms Partnership To Pre-load Mobile App Marketwall with MiiA
  • Potential for Expanded User Base and Additional Subscription Revenues

Big data analytics company AnalytixInsight Inc. (the “Company” or “AnalytixInsight”) (ALY:CA) entered into a partnership and revenue sharing arrangement between its mobile subsidiary Stockwall S.r.L (“Stockwall”) and Futura Grafica S.p.A., owner of the brand Miia (“Miia”).

Under the terms of the agreement with Miia, the Marketwall App will be loaded on every Miia device and the subscription revenues will be shared 70:30 between Stockwall and Miia respectively.

Miia is one of Europe’s fastest growing consumer electronics brands – with a wide product range in TVs, Tablets, Smartphones and Accessories. Miia was established in 2011 and in a short time already has about 10% of the market share in Italy. Miia’s products are characterized by stylish design and cutting edge functionality – and bring the best of Italian flair and design worldwide. Miia currently sells about 2 million devices, primarily in Europe – and expects its international operations to contribute about 40% of total sales in three years.

“We are excited about the partnership between Miia and Stockwall. The partnership will pre-load the Marketwall App on the millions of devices across Miia’s platform and allow Miia’s growing user base to access unique content on market prices, company fundamentals, mutual funds and currencies. Along with our Samsung partnership, this is the second partnership we have with a device maker and we expect to sign similar partnerships with other leading device brands and create a large audience base,” said Marco Roscio Ricon, CEO of Stockwall

“We are proud to be MarketWall’s partner,” said Matteo Franchina, Project Head of Miia, “Both Marketwall and Miia have consistently emphasized innovation in design to create a fulfilling customer experience and we consider this partnership one of the key milestones to achieve our goal of creating the best customer experience across our products.”

This is the second partnership between AnalytixInsight and a mobile device maker to tap the growing demand for financial data and analysis content in the mobile space. AnalytixInsight, with its unique big data analytics platform and ability to algorithmically generate content on 50,000 equities and over 1,500 ETFs, currently has a partnership and licensing deal with Samsung Electronics and has been recognized as a key content provider worldwide by Samsung.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of


Prakash Hariharan, Chairman


AnalytixInsight Inc’s technology platform helps transform data into narratives. The Company’s online portal and mobile platform Marketwall ( provide high-quality financial research and content for investors, information providers, finance portals and media. The Company’s disruptive technology algorithmically analyzes market price data and regulatory filings to create insightful, actionable narratives and research on approximately 50,000 global companies and ETFs – all available as a cloud-based, SAAS offering. This platform capability is extensible to other asset classes and sectors to generate insightful research reports.

CapitalCube and Marketwall have existing business relationships with leading global financial and media institutions. For more information about CapitalCube visit For more information about Marketwall visit


Miia was established in 2011 and is a brand owned by Futura Grafica S.p.A from 2011. The company’s products include TVs, Tablets, Smartphones and Accessories operating in both Android and Windows platforms. Miia creates cutting-edge, hi-tech products with high functionality and is one of the fastest growing consumer electronics brands in Europe. The Company aims to represent the Italian style all around the world and one of its immediate main goals is expansion into international business markets. For more information about Miia visit

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