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Amazon To Create 10,000 Additional Jobs in Bellevue, Washington

The company had previously said it would create 15,000 jobs in Bellevue, just outside Seattle. The 10,000 jobs announced today are in addition to the earlier number.

Image source: Amazon

(Reuters) – Inc is planning to create 10,000 more jobs in the next few years in Bellevue, Washington, the e-commerce giant said on Friday.

The company has been setting up new offices across U.S. cities on the back of a meteoric rise in its business, thanks to a surge in online orders during coronavirus-induced lockdowns.

Amazon had earlier said it would create 15,000 jobs in Bellevue, located 10 miles from its Seattle headquarters.

In April and May, Amazon hired for 175,000 jobs ranging from warehouse staff to delivery drivers to keep up with the demand.

Reporting by Nilanjana Basu in Bengaluru


Source: Reuters

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