Alert - Decision on Debt Ceiling May Come Before August 1!

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As expected, the press is orchestrating a frenzy over the debt ceiling, adding to investors’ angst about what happens if the ceiling is not raised and our nation defaults on some of its obligations.

I see the press is targeting the deadline for avoiding default at August 2 and it is important to note some sources claim a decision MUST be reached before then, perhaps this week.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011 9:23 am EDT

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Sources close to the situation told News that a decision must be reached between July 15 and 22 in order to write a bill and comply with congressional rules requiring advance publication before consideration. In fact, on Sunday, July 10, President Obama told Congress it needs to reach a decision within 10 days, which works out to this week.

If true, a decision to “raise” or “not raise” could come sooner than expected and catch investors off guard.

What to expect:

Odds strongly favor the ceiling will be raised, perhaps at intervals going forward:

Too many of the BIG boys/girls including Republicans get hurt if Congress opts for default – While some wiley traders would love to see it happen, odds are very heavy, it won’t. To these big hitters, Congressman/women don’t walk on water, they are mere pawns in a big chess game, and they better not think otherwise. Cruel stuff, but billions of dollars are at stake.

If not raised, look for irreparable damage across the board to all Americans. I am not sure many in Congress understand the seriousness of a downward revision in our government’s securities, a plunge in the stock market and economy that would result, I’m even less confident many voters understand it – now.


The House will vote today on its “Cut, Cap and Balance Act,” calling for caps on spending and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget going forward, but it is expected to be shot down in the Senate.

The Senate will remain in session until an accord on the debt ceiling is reached. Bloomberg News reports Senators from both parties have been pressing for an immediate fix that would give President Obama $2.4 billion in new borrowing authority in installments to avert default while empowering a bipartisan group of lawmakers to propose spending cuts.

All this is changing as I write. What’s important is we are approaching a resolution of sorts.

I think the ceiling will be raised, but expect the uncertainty and political squabbling to continue. This is so much about posturing for the 2012 Presidential Election. What a shame.


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My June 20 blog headlined, “Ugly ! Nevertheless, the Outlook Can Change Quickly,” referring to the possibility the negatives weighing on stock prices (slumping economy, European sovereign debt issues, U.S. Default ) could vanish quickly.

I stand by that today, though default must be given respect as a possibility.


Today: Buoyed by yesterday’s rise in the National Association of Home Builders/Well Fargo sentiment index and today’s jump in Housing Starts, impressive Q2 earnings reports, and I suspect some optimism that an accord will be reached on the debt ceiling , the stock market will jump off to a good star this morning.

Earnings reports will continue to provide support for stock prices, but I think Wall Street will need to know how the Debt ceiling issue will be resolved before making a big push. I think the BIG money would like to jump the gun here and buy aggressively, but doesn’t trust Congress.

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