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Airbnb Extends Ban on Parties Through End of Summer

The company is extending the ban, first instituted in August 2020, to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Video source: YouTube, ABC 10 News

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, Airbnb Inc (Nasdaq: ABNB) announced Thursday it is extending a ban on parties at homes listed on its platform through at least the end of summer to help curb the spread of coronavirus. 

In a statement, the San Francisco-based short-term home rental company said it wants to “cultivate safe and responsible travel” and would reevaluate the policy in a few months.

The global ban on parties and events was first introduced in August 2020 following a string of large gatherings at Airbnb listings. The ban, which includes a cap on occupancy at 16, was put into effect “indefinitely until further notice.” 

“At the time of the policy change, COVID-19 cases were spiking and vaccines were not yet approved. As we said then and still believe now, this indefinite ban was in the best interest of public health,” said Airbnb, noting that the ban has been supported by its hosts, many of whom already prohibit parties in their homes.

In recent weeks, Airbnb said it has heard from members of its community who have sought clarity on whether or not the ban would remain in effect, particularly in areas that are gradually reopening.

“We want to be really good community players all over the world,” Airbnb chief executive officer Brian Chesky recently told Yahoo Finance

Thursday’s announcement comes as increasing vaccination rates and relaxed travel restrictions in some places are expected to boost travel demand this summer. 


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