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AI ‘agents’ are about to take over your world, including your movies

AI 'agents' are about to take over your world, taking on personal tasks as well as making movies specifically for you.
AI 'agents' are about to take over your world, performing personal tasks as well as making you movies.

There are lots of big, new things happening in the world of artificial intelligence. The pace that AI is advancing continues to shock me. Here are two major developments to watch:

AI is getting personal

Agents are tools that complete specialized tasks for you. You can ask one to “watch every YouTube video about the American Civil War and distill the key points.” It will then complete that task for you, in 99% less time than it would usually take.

Think of an AI agent like a personal assistant who does whatever you tell it but never gets tired and works for free. I’m convinced we’ll all have personal AI agents helping us in every part of our lives within a decade. Here are just a few examples of tasks I could offload to AI:

  • Checking emails: Each morning, I wake up to 30-plus new emails in my inbox that I must sift through. Soon, my AI agent will screen them and only show me the emails I need to read.
  • Online shopping: I waste time browsing sites trying to find the right shirt. Soon, my personal AI shopper—that knows my size, brand preferences, and style quirks—will get me what I want instantly. Amazon searches will be a relic of the past.
  • Health care: Inefficient, costly, bureaucratic. Within a decade, I think AI health-care agents will be able to write prescriptions.

You’ll soon be surrounded by your own team of AIs. They’ll work just for you.

AI has the potential to be the biggest boom in history because, unlike most other tech breakthroughs, it touches every part of our lives.

The investment implications are many. The biggest, easiest, and most obvious one: Buy the companies making computer chips that will power AI, like Nvidia NVDA .

‘HollywoodGPT’ is going to be awesome

Remember the Hollywood strikes? The Writers Guild of America demanded that studios ban the usage of AI to write scripts or produce movies.

Careful what you wish for. The big movie studios signed their own death warrants when they agreed to this demand. A new breed of disruptor is coming to produce AI-generated movies and shows for 90% cheaper … and much faster.

Take AI startup Runway, for example. Its AI tech generates short videos from a few words of user prompts. Say you type the prompt, “A blue sedan driving in cold, snowy Baltimore.” It will instantly generate a video clip showing just that.

The magic is that you can instantly change the whole scene with another simple prompt like, “Place the blue sedan in Nevada’s desert.”

Source: Runway

Imagine having access to this technology but refusing to use it? It’s like if the automotive industry banned the assembly line in the 1920s and insisted on assembling cars by hand.

Here’s where this is going. It’s only a matter of time before we get “HollywoodGPT,” an AI bot trained on the transcripts of every film ever made. It’ll be able to dream up brand-new movie ideas in seconds. These tools will get so good, they’ll be able to make a tailor-made movie just for you.

This is still a couple years out, but we’re heading toward a world where 10,000 new movies will be made each month—all by individuals or small teams—with the help of AI. Traditional movie studios that act like ostriches—burying their heads in the sand and hoping AI goes away—will not survive. Avoid their stocks.