A Second and Hilarious Listen to Saturday's GOP debate

Stephen L Kanaval  |

"We are in danger of driving this one into the dirt, CBS's moderator John Dickerson chided. Saturday's GOP debate in South Carolina contained misquotes of Stalin, enraged shouting, a Spanish debate, and accusations of mooning. Yes, this one had it all.

The GOP debate was essentially a Youtube comment section. Of course, Donald Trump feels right at home in this type of invective and he certainly had some head-shaking and hilarious comments. At one point, Ted Cruz told Trump he was immature and the Donald responded, "yeah, yeah, I know you're an adult." This brand of schoolyard vituperation have repeatedly held Trump on the top of the polls. Trump did have moments of clarity, though. He said that republicans, especially Mitch McConnell needed to delay, delay, delay President Obama from nominating another Chief Justice after the death of Antonin Scalia, which he called "a tremendous blow to conservatism." This got applause from the crowd.

The debate around if Obama's lame duck administration should be allowed to replace Scalia was an interesting talking point. However, Ted Cruz got into a bit of stare down with moderator Dickerson over the existence of an exiting president appointing and confirming a Chief Justice. Dickerson had to correct Cruz over his faulty facts. In addition, Cruz had been mentioning these faulty facts on the campaign trail. Following this, the debate remained substantial in talking about the three most important steps in securing America, which centered around dealing with ISIS, Assad, and Iran.

However, things got out of hand when Ted Cruz accused Donald Trump of being pro-choice.

This was the catalyst of a chain reaction that included bringing up the Cruz-Carson vote theft mess and Trump accusing Cruz of more phoney robo-calls in South Carolina. "He's a nasty guy," Trump concluded.

Following this Cruz and Rubio threw shots and one in flurried Spanish. Cruz brought up something Rubio said in Univision on amnesty. Rubio retorted that Cruz couldn't have followed what he said because Cruz doesn't speak Spanish. A serious dig because both are children of Cuban immigrants. Cruz stammered in Spanish.

Yet, the highlight of the debate, and maybe even for everything on TV this weekend, was Donald Trump and Jeb Bush's kerfuffle on decency. Bush's attempts to go after the Donald always end hilariously. There are so many sad Jeb Bush memes out there, I feel like I don't need to even lay down background here. If anything, Bush is merely on stage to get tagged by Trump at some point in the debate. Before the clip below, Trump accused Bush that his brother was responsible for the foul war in Iraq. In this clip below, Jeb references disparaging comments Trump has made toward women, Hispanics, the disabled, and John McCain. Trump responded in kind by labeling Bush a hypocrite because on the campaign trail he threatened to drop his pants. I leave you with the clip below:

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