A Savvy Partnership with WS Steel Suggests Blossoming Growth for Clean Seed

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In recent years, Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. (CSX:CA) has been making significant strides in large-scale Canadian agriculture. The company’s most recent development came just this morning, as Clean Seed Capital announced they are partnering with WS Steel to manufacture 100 Canadian-made CX-6 Smart Seeders for large-scale commercial farming.

The partnership will see British Columbia-based Clean Seed and Manitoba-based WS Steel pooling their resources to manufacture 100 units of the world’s only CX-6 SMART Seeder over a three-year period. With more than 100 jobs expected to be supported over the first year alone, the project is an exciting prospect for manufacturing workers struggling in Canada’s stubbornly weak economy.

The CX-6 SMART Seeder allows farmers to deploy up to six products simultaneously, creating pinpoint seeding perfection on every square foot of the field, resulting in substantial economic benefits through higher yields, site specific management, overlap elimination, improved seed handling and limited waste. “This is a major step forward into the future of farming,” says CEO of Clean Seed Capital Graeme Lempriere. “We have harnessed the power of technology to realize the benefits of today’s advanced agronomy. Working with WS Steel, we will be able to deliver our SMART Seeders to large-scale commercial farmers, allowing them to capitalize on precision high-definition seeding in ways never before possible.”

A Tradition of Pioneering Agriculture Technology

As impressive as the CX-6 SMART Seeder is, it’s only the latest in a line of technological advances pioneered by Clean Seed. Their CX-6 Smart Seeder, which uses wireless technology to communicate with mapping and commands from the tractor using a tablet, was awarded the people’s choice award for innovation at Canada’s most recent Farm Progress Show, the largest ag show in the country. Further still, it was at 2013’s Farm Progress Show that Clean Seed first introduced their company to the mainstream agricultural market. That year, they turned heads with their CX-6 Smart Seeder Drill, which was immediately distinguished from other drills as the first “multi-product, single-pass wireless seeder” – an achievement that was recognized with the company’s first people’s choice award for innovative agricultural technology.

Yet, even in comparison to these past achievements, the advances made by the SMART Seeder are expected to stand out as truly next generation technology, placing Clean Seed in an admirable position to soon dominate the rapidly evolving agriculture market. As a Tier-1 manufacturer with a 25-year history working in the agricultural equipment manufacturing sector, their partner on the SMART Seeder is likely to further improve the company’s outlook.

Drawing on Past Experience for Industry-Leading Innovation

The terms of the agreement see WS Steel investing significant capital and resources in production design and engineering, setting up their 150-thousand square-foot facility to fully manufacture and assemble the CX-6 SMART Seeders. “We wanted a manufacturer that shared our values and vision for the advanced roll out of the CX-6 SMART Seeder,” says Lempriere. “With a combination of Fortune 500 Ag equipment experience, turnkey scalability, cost-effectiveness and technological expertise, WS Steel is our ideal partner.”

Advances in efficiency and productivity through technology are only expected to become more pronounced in agriculture over the coming years, and as an industry-leader, this will likely mean exceptional growth for Clean Seed – and tremendous value for its shareholders. With a tradition of innovation to back them up, it’s safe to say that many experts in agriculture and technology alike will be looking to Clean Seed to get a sense of where the farming sector is headed in the years to come.

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