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A New Solution For Your Personal Identity

Many may tend to ask themselves, but how can I trust my personal information on the Internet today?

With January madness behind us and 2018 in effect at work, home, and in our personal routines, it is often lost on us to remember some of the new year’s resolutions we set-out for ourselves. One that is too often overlooked is to safeguard our own person identities. For instance, I thought I lost my wallet the other day, but it ended up being in between the car seats. I wished I had taken down the credit card numbers and phone numbers of who to call to cancel the cards. Then that led me to think about all the important documents in the filing cabinet I have at home, how do I back that up? With all the fires, flooding and unexpected natural disasters and recent events, it is something we definitely need to plan for.

Many may tend to ask themselves, but how can I trust my personal information on the Internet today? How do I know 1) that is safe, that no one beside me and who I authorize can see it, and 2) is it backed securely on the internet and encrypted so that only I hold the keys.

We have designed Covault for just this. With Covault your keys never leave your possession, and decryption is performed on YOUR device, not on some internet server somewhere. So your information is protected from attacks that breach network security. Your data is protected because only you have the keys.

Scan and store drivers’ licenses, passports, AAA cards, marriage licenses, insurance and health care cards, tax records and credit cards and then share those documents with others that expires within, say, 24 hours. You can store your website passwords and take quick and easy photos of cards in your wallet. The keys to the sensitive data are held in a secure element or a trusted enclave on your phone.

Share information with other verified identities, companies and entities. Protect yourself against identity thieves, and also get priority VIP registration to on-line services with your verified Covault ID. Its the best approach to safeguard your personal identity in today’s climate.

Louie Gasparini, is the Founder and CEO of Covault. To find out more information about Covault,

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