A Cool Private We Saw at 2017 ICR Orlando: Güdpod - The Keurig of Protein Shakes

Stephen L Kanaval |

Protein shakes are no longer for athletes. Fitness is mainstream and protein powders and supplements could surpass $20 billion by 2020 (that includes nutrition bars – sourced from Euromonitor). This evidenced by the fact that you can buy nutrition supplements and shakes in CVS and even at gas stations. Casual exercisers now use protein shakes and powders to offset meals, increase endurance and boost workouts. There is a shake for every fitness type and palate. There are male-oriented shakes, female-oriented shakes, slimming shakes, lactose free shakes, metabolism-boosting shakes, shakes that taste better, shakes that do not have a flavor and so on. You name it, you can find it. This convenience and marketing is what makes protein shakes such big business. The company Güdpod®® (“good pod”) and its Güdpod System understand this market and have made a delivery platform that makes shakes even easier.

Güdpod is a pod-based supplement delivery platform for protein shakes, BCAAs, pre & post workout shakes, meal replacements, green drinks, weight management shakes and much more. The Güdpod system consists of the Güdpod® machine along with pods, called “Güdpods®” and a calibrated drinking cup. The machine retails for $199.99 on the company website with a 30 pack of Performix® Pro Whey+ costing $69.99. The pods are single serving and have been called the Keurig for protein. The pod inserts into the glass and mixes right there in the cup like a blender eliminating a messy cleanup. If you have ever worked with a fussy blender after an exhausting workout than Gudpod might be for you. Even the most decorated professional bodybuilder in history Dexter “The Blade” recommends it!

More good news: the Gudpod system and pod work together to create a consistent shake that does not vary. Many national brands are coming to Gudpod including Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey, IsoCool.

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