9 Stocks that Could Potentially Benefit from Apple's Reign

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Iphone shipments for tech-behemoth, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) shot up by 15 percent sequentially in the first quarter and today reports in Market Watch predicted that Apple may be the world’s first trillion dollar company. The writer, James Altucher than restated that he expected Apple to be worth $2 trillion. Earnings are growing at 90 percent currently and the company is nabbing up more and more market share.

This growth is a boon not only for Apple, but for the ancillary markets surrounding the company as well. Corporations like Zagg (NASDAQ: ZAGG), which develops accessories and protective plastics for such products as the iPad and iPhone will also benefit enormously for the continued reign of Apple products. These types of companies get considerably less attention than the application makers but with shipments and sales rising, so will shares of their companies.

While tech ventures that concentrate on application development have been subject to speculation surrounding their valuations, the same cannot be said of the smaller but nonetheless growing accessories markets. Applications may be fruitful, but it could be wise to wait until after these tech-stocks prove they're more than just a ticking time bomb. Elsewhere, companies that develop tools to enhance and expand the capabilities of the products currently available can be presumed to do well in coming years. There has been mention of iPad and Iphone applications, Camera Bag and Instragram among them, that enhance the quality and capabilities of the cameras on the products. The developers of these applications may be interesting to monitor in coming years as the technology improves and maybe eventually usurps much of the marketshare currently inhabited by digital SLRs.

Other beneficiaries of Apples reign are the corporations produce elements  necessary to create Apple products.

An emerging middle class in consumer driven societies like China can be expected to contribute to continue high sales for Apple meaning more components will be needed. There are many skeptical investors who believe that Apple and its products may fade out but there are others, like billionaire investor George Soros, who recently purchased 37,000 shares of the company, that don’t anticipate slowing down.  Apple is an expert at branding and emerging societies, concentrating on making a statement on their economic status are drawn to brands. Therein lies a potential for even higher sales, which would mean higher share prices for Apple and the companies that provide components for their products.

Those companies include LG Display (NYSE: LPL), who created the display module and a number of other manufacturers for Apple. Semiconductor suppliers, which Apple has diversified even more since the tsunami and nuclear disaster, will also reap these benefits long-term. Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXM), which recently purchased National Semiconductor, holds considerable possibility as a benefactor as well. In addition to buying National Semi-conductor earlier this year, the company provides touch screen–related hardware to Apple.  Synaptics (NASDAQ: SYNA), Cypress Semiconductor (NASDAQ: CY) and Atmel (NASDAQ: ATML)also supply similar technology.



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