7 Ways To Demoralize Your Employees

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I've seen plenty of friends leave a good job because of issues with management that could have been prevented. If you have quality employees who, for one reason or another, called it a day because of poor management or deleterious policies, then you have a toxic work environment.

Most of you know how hard it is to find top employees and keep them. If you include the costs of training and then looking for a replacement, the cost in time and labor can be staggering.

I've identified seven issues that I know can irk an employee enough to call it quits.

My first job out of university was wonderful. Full of new experiences and positive reinforcement coupled with a feeling of making a difference in the community. In the first week I told my boss how fortunate I was in getting the job. He asked me my goals and when I gave him a few, he told me he was only working for the money so he could "live for the weekend." That took the wind out my sails, and 40 years later, I still remember that conversation. It's sad!

The boss sets the tone for the organization. All the money in the world and fancy perks like those common in the '90s won't retain staff if their bosses make their lives miserable. A close friend just retired from her dream job. She'd still be there but for bosses who had at least four of the above issues plaguing the organization.

It's been said before, but I'll say it again: When great employees leave companies, it's likely they're leaving bad bosses!

Gary is CEO of Syphon Nanotech Inc., Bizzo Management Group Inc., and Bizzo Integrated Marketing Corp. in Vancouver. London-based Richtopia placed Bizzo on the Top 100 Global Influencers in the World for 2018. He is an Adjunct Professor of Integrated Marketing & Communications as well as Consumer Behavior at the New York Institute of Technology, MBA School of Management (Vancouver Campus). Gary can be reached at ceo@garybizzo.com.


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